#Review: 5-Minute Hair: 50 super-quick hairstyles to wear and go


5-Minute Hair: 50 super-quick hairstyles to wear and go by Jenny Strebe

My rating: 3 of 5 stars5-Minute Hair: 50 super-quick hairstyles to wear and go

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I am reviewing the 5-Minute Hair: 50 super-quick hairstyles to wear and go, by Jenny Strebe. Here are my thoughts:

^^ From ponytails, plaits, buns to party updos and down styles, this book definitely provides a broad range of styles, most of which are also very adaptable.

^^ On an open spread you’ll find simple and adaptable instructions on the left, and on the right a full colour photograph of what the finished hairstyle should look like.

^^ I like the design and the layout of the book, plus it’s not too big and heavy; handy for when you’re actually using this and trying to fix your hair up at the same time.

^^ In addition, the front and back covers are flexibound, so they’re fairly flexible with binding that allows the book to be pushed open without ruining it, and can lay pretty flat so you can still read it whilst using both hands on your hair.

^^ This is said to be “designed for the typical girl-on-the-go”, but unfortunately, I don’t think they’re actually that “quick” to do, and what is not mentioned is these styles really need you to have long hair for them to work properly.

Overall: Lovely pictures, with easy to understand instructions. It’s just a shame they’re not all really 5-minute super-quick hairstyles. Even if you are able to wear and go with speed, you still need quite a lot of hair. I can recommend this to long-haired girls out there, but it won’t be for everyone, despite it saying there are plenty of options for hair types and lengths… I’d say that’s not quite correct.

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