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Title: The Cotillion
Author: Sophia Danu
Website of Author:
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Website of Publisher:
Genre: BDSM, Science Fiction, Futuristic, Fantasy Games
Publication date: April 2008
Rating: 5 flames
ISBN: None listed
Length: Short Stories
Format: Ebook
Reviewer: Aris

Kylee is about to embark on her sexual debut, her coming out, The Cotillion. At the time of coming of age all women had to be mated and the process was very different that the early Earth Cotillion even though it had the same underlying meaning of being introduced to society. It was actually an auction for all girls turning eighteen; they had been trained in sexually arts and were groomed to pleasure men. In this case the men would be testing her wares to see if they
wanted to claim her as their mate.

Jerek Talon was ready for mates, as a space pirate, the long voyages alone with his crew were getting old. He would master her completely. After she the sexual bout at The Cotillion she awoke in his bed aboard ship, where he continued in his exploration of her sexuality.

As all society differ we as readers love to hear about them. This future fantasy is about a time when women are scarce and bought like cattle. They have a specific purpose of pleasuring men and there is no escaping their destiny. This story has a twist however, and I urge you to read and find out how just exactly what happens.


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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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