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Obsession by Anne Sole

Queen Amnut was very young when her brother seduced her on the bank of the river and taught her how to use the black arts to ensnare Pharaoh. Amnut is obsessed by the need to make love but when she betrays her husband she is condemned to suffer for eternity unless she can recover her necklace.

When the necklace comes into Ally’s possession thousands of years later, she finds herself being taken over by the enchantress, drawn back to ancient Egypt and forced to witness the Queen’s terrible death. Is her love for Jack, the modern day owner of the necklace, true love and can he save Ally from a terrible fate?


Horus shuddered as he watched. His own magic was as nothing to hers now that she had the necklace. If he had dared he would have kept it for himself, because then he would have had the power that was now hers, but he was afraid of the curse. Amnut was either very brave or very foolish to ignore it.

“You are beautiful, sister,” he said hoarsely and moved towards her. His tongue moved over his lips and his breath caught in his throat as desire raged through him. He wanted her so badly that his body felt as if it were lying on hot coals. He had groomed her to be the wife of Pharaoh and he had watched her go to her husband with a smile on his lips but he had not known one hour of peace since that day He had sold her for power, but that power was nothing without her.

He moved towards her, wanting the reward she had promised.

“Give me what you promised, Amnut,” he said hoarsely. His rod throbbed with need and his loins ached. He would give anything for the taste of her sex on his tongue once more. In his mind, he stroked and touched her, thrusting himself into her and feeling the exquisite pleasure she alone could give him. “Lie with me as you used to, sister.”

“What do you say?” Amnut stared at him, her eyes dark with anger. “Do you say that you lay with your own sister, with Pharaoh’s wife? I was a virgin when I went to my husband. He will swear to it and my slaves will bear witness that my marriage bed was stained with blood.” Her look chilled him it was so cold and so bitter. She clapped her hands and two slaves appeared. They were strong men with hard faces and blank eyes who served their queen devotedly. “Take this man away and see that he is cast into the river. He is never to come near me again for he speaks with a traitor’s tongue. If he ever speaks my name or comes near me again he is to be put to death instantly.”

No!” Horus stared at her in disbelief as they came for him. They took him by the arms and dragged him from her presence. He looked back and saw her smile but he dare not speak her name. “Sister, the curse of Isis is upon you. Restore what is hers or you will suffer throughout eternity.”

Amnut smiled her cold smile as they dragged him from her sight. Horus feared that he would never see her again. He was condemned to suffer the torments of his hunger for her for as long as he lived, but she would suffer far longer for the curse was upon her.

Opportunity Knocks by Ericka Scott

When all of faerie godmother Zuzanna’s guardianships go bust, the crown prince Foster, threatens to exile her and strip her of her powers. Instead, she flees the kingdom to settle in a spot no one would ever look – Chicago , Illinois.

Single father Phillip Denton has a problem; he needs a nanny, and fast. His son, Jamie, isn’t a bad kid; he’s just got a mischievous streak as wide as Lake Michigan . Something his nannies seldom appreciate. Hiring Zuzanna seems like a stroke of luck. She’s cute, sexy, and even likes snakes.

Despite her intentions of learning to live life as a mortal, she didn’t count on all the hazards she’d encounter. How do mortals deal with traffic congestion, housework, and a pet snake named Gertie without using a little magick?

But the biggest temptation is Phillip himself. He awakens longings in her that she’s helpless to resist. But playing with magick is like playing with fire. And it leads Prince Foster straight to her.

Using a little magick of his own, Foster reveals Zuzanna’s true identity and demands she return to the Kingdom. That is when she realizes Phillip and Jamie paid too high a price for a little faerie magick and she can’t ask them to give up any more for her. Now that they know exactly what she is, she can never come back.


Phillip walked over to the bed and ran his finger from my shoulder to my wrist, raising goose pimples in its wake. I shivered and felt my nipples tighten under his gaze. I resisted the urge to hit him with a burst of pheromones, for I could feel waves of indecision wafting from him. I was his son’s nanny.

“What would you like?” I knelt up in the bed in front of him. “Would you like me to do this?” I said in my best, butchered Swiss nanny accent.

Phillip began to grin.

Double or Nothing by Cassandra Gold

Casino owner Darren Turner is astonished and angry when his ex-lover, a notorious casino cheat, shows up at his casino. Unfortunately, Noah refuses to leave unless Darren agrees to a most unusual wager: he gets two weeks to try to win Darren back. Darren agrees just to get rid of the man, but is determined not to risk his heart again. When the week is over, will Darren win it all or lose everything?


“Mr. Turner?”

Darren Turner removed his reading glasses and rubbed at the bridge of his nose in irritation. Scowling, he pushed the intercom button. “Yes, Phillips?”

“Sir, there’s a man down here at table three who’s up one million dollars. He’s not one of our regulars, and he hasn’t lost a bet yet. I don’t know how he’s doing it, but he’s got to be cheating.”

A sense of déjà vu washed over Darren. No. He wouldn’t be back here at the same table. Even he’s not that blatant. Shrugging off the unsettled feeling, he looked toward the wall of television screens on the wall.

Within a few minutes, Darren’s efficient security staff had escorted the questionable guest to his suite and left the two men alone. He looked at the familiar face for a seemingly endless moment, a mixture of longing and fury building. How dare you come back here? Putting on his coldest, calmest mask, he spoke. “You know, there are other ways to announce your presence than cheating my casino out of a million dollars.”

The other man didn’t look at all intimidated. In fact, Darren’s unexpected guest looked better than he ever had—as lean and well-built as ever, his deceptively sweet brown eyes sparkling. He lounged against the doorframe negligently, grinning. “Are there?”

“You could have sent a postcard. Or even called. We do have phones here, you know.” And I could have told you to stay the hell away.

“I wanted to get your attention.” The younger man continued to grin, undeterred by Darren’s coldness.

“Well, you succeeded. What I want to know is why? Are the police after you? Did you get bored?”

“I missed you.”

Frozen by Morgan O’Reilly

Royal blood can take a princess only so far in life. Sooner or later destiny will sweep her off her feet. If she’s lucky, he’s tall, blond, fun to push around, and helps her save their ice ball planet from a killer comet.

Crown Princess Noreen returns to her home planet, the iceball named Nordia, after ten years of running from her decreed fate. Immediately upon return, she’s thrown into the company of the one man she wants to avoid, Gunnar Zaren, the One promised to her by the prophecies. Time is short to put into execution a plan five hundred years in the making to save their planet from a comet. Oh, and Noreen’s been followed home by an unwanted suitor with an armada of ships strong enough to blast the planet to smithereens if he doesn’t get her back.


“Now, let’s try this again. Exactly, for the record, who are you?” Gunnar pinned the woman with his hardest stare and she didn’t look away.

“My name is Noreen Tibbetts.”

“I might believe Noreen, but I don’t buy Tibbetts. Try again. Where is your family from, and this time I want the name of a planet.”

“Noreen Elke Josephina Angelica Tibbetts…Audelhuk.” Her eyes widened even further as if she couldn’t believe what she’d just said.

“Audelhuk? As in the daughter of Bjorn Audelhuk, His Royal Majesty, the King of Nordia?” Gunnar narrowed his eyes further as he gazed into hers, now wide open in her pale face as her chin trembled.

Slowly she nodded as if fighting to keep from doing it. “What… are you doing to me?”
She tore her gaze from him to glance at the wine for just a bare moment before looking back at him as if compelled.

“I told you, I’m Noreen Tibbetts.”

“No,” he shook his head. “How do you fit into the royal family?”

“Oh, that. I’m the soon to be ex-Crown Princess.”

Meeting a Neighbor’s Needs by Qwilla Rain

When Gina moves into her new apartment there’s more to admire than just the view. Sexy neighbor, George fuels quite a few of her fantasies before the wild child in her slips free and taunts him into making a move. Following a night of unimaginably great sex, Gina embarks on a series of erotic adventures with her neighbor, each one more risky than the last.

During a particularly “special” weekend, George introduces Gina to an acquaintance, Garrick, whose interests match their own. Together, Gina, George and Garrick discover a bond unlike any in their pasts and needs only the three of them together can meet.


It began with a phone call at work. Bob hinted he might be over, but my lack of interest must have been evident over the phone. Not that I didn’t want to enjoy a little sex; it was the prospect of anticipating a climax Bob could never provide that kept my response from being more animated. There had been a few times when he could actually hold on long enough to bring me to orgasm, but it had only happened three or four times in the six months we’d been together.

I bought a bottle of wine just in case he showed up. Juggling the bottle, my briefcase, and my shoulder bag as I approached the door, I bumped into my next-door neighbor. The bottle tumbled from my hand, and I winced, waiting to hear the breaking glass. Instead, George’s quick reflexes caught the thick green bottle before it hit the ground. A wry grin twisted his lips as he rose to his full six foot three and read the label on the wine. “Nice, but I’d recommend you let the boyfriend drink it after.”

Surprised at his audacity, I was unable to curb my tongue. “Why is that?”

“From what I’ve heard, he has a bit of a – control problem. The wine will only make it worse.”
The demon within slipped loose. “And what makes you an expert? Have you suffered the same…problem?”

As he tucked the bottle into my open purse, his blunt-tipped fingers slid over my breast, teasing the suddenly erect nipple. “I’ve had no complaints so far.”

“Ah, but then, you’ve never had me.”

I’m not sure who was more surprised at my response—him or me! But I just couldn’t let it go. “I tend to be more particular than most.”

His reply was quick and full of knowledge gleaned from having heard Bob and me through the thin apartment walls. “Well, if I had, you can be certain I wouldn’t leave you to finish what I started.”

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