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Kapka Kassabova is a travel writer and poet who grew up under the communist regime in Bulgaria and left for the West with her family when she was 16.

In her new book, Street Without a Name, Kassabova places under the microscope her uncomfortable, dislocated relationship with her country of origin.

A heady mix of memoir and travelogue, Kassabova brings to life her childhood growing up behind the iron curtain and she also provides a fascinating insight into present-day Bulgaria, giving the reader a very personal account of the place as she encounters it now (a country coming to terms with democracy, capitalism and EU membership).

It is the only book of its kind to have been written about Bulgaria and it is one that has increasing significance as Bulgarians access to work and live in the UK grows.

On Saturday, 19th July at 1pm there is an opportunity to hear Kapka discussing these themes at the London Literature Festival; having heard her speaking in Edinburgh recently I can promise a very special event…

For further details or if you’d like to book tickets please see:

Hannah Marshall
Publicity, Portobello Books
+44 (0)20 7605 1393

Twelve Addison Avenue
Holland Park
London W11 4QR


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