PUBLISHER NEWS: New romance release from Swimming Kangaroo Books

Swimming Kangaroo books is pleased to announce the release of New Zealand author Beth Heywood’s first novel, CHERISHED.

Widow Adelaide Rawtenstall and her infant son are fleeing for their lives from her father-in-law, James Rawtenstall, whose long arm of influence stretches across the rivers and hills of northern England. Adelaide takes the only course of salvation open to her – she enlists as a mail-order bride, bound for Damnation Island, a remote and lonely outpost in the inhospitable South Atlantic Ocean.

Torn between two lovers, Adelaide must make a devastating choice between a once-in-a-lifetime overwhelming, shattering love, and a man of profound kindness and formidable compassion who has offered sanctuary for her and her unborn child, and whom she has also grown to love.

Where does her loyalty lie? And can she live with the consequences of such a devastating decision?

Cherished is available on and at
in electronic and print format._


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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