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[Danu’s Daughter by Terri Pray]
Danu’s Daughter
by Terri Pray

[Deadly Dreams by Rie McGaha]
Deadly Dreams
by Rie McGaha
Danu’s Daughter
By Terri Pray
Genre: Historical
Length: Novel

The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen..

Estine always knew this day would come, but she’d prayed that her mother would live a long and healthy life. Now, with Queen Danu dead, Estine must find the courage to step into her mother’s shoes and lead her people.

Rhonan, one time leader of the war band, returns from Rome with Mardox, Estine’s cousin, to find that his former lover, a woman who has haunted his dreams and still inflames his passions, now leads their people..

Despite the customs of their tribe, Mardox has no intention of letting Estine rule her people in peace, not when he stands next in line. Can the passion sparked at the fires of Beltane survive the pressure of leadership, or the plots of a dangerous man now tainted by the teachings of Rome?

Special Content Alert: None

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Deadly Dreams
By Rie McGaha
Genre: Contemporary Suspense
Length: Novel

Lea Reynolds has been plagued by nightmares all of her life, but lately the nightmares seem all too real as she wakes up screaming, trying to get away from the monster that chases her. But when she discovers the monster she’s been running from in her dreams is really killing women on the streets of Oklahoma City, she doesn’t know who to turn to.

Chase Montgomery is a dedicated bachelor and a homicide detective investigating the serial murders of several young ladies. When a beautiful young woman who looks amazingly like the dead women arrives at his office and tells him she’s having psychic dreams, he doesn’t know what to think.

Brought together because of a psychotic killer, Chase and Lea’s relationship soon turns from business to pleasure and they find themselves linked together in more ways than one. But when the killer turns his sights on Lea, Chase discovers just how deep his feelings run and that there are no lengths to which he won’t go in order to protect the woman he loves.

Special Content Alert: Graphic sexual content, graphic violence, strong sexual violence (not for titillation purposes).

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