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CENTER RING Book Two – Traveling Circus by Sutton Fox
Genre: Romance/Contemporary
Print ISBN:
Length: Novel
Digital Price: $5.50

Can missing family ties replace murder as a common bond?

Bereft of family as a child, Julia Cameron finally has everything she’s ever wanted. Her billion dollar racing empire and FASPRO team in line for their first championship seems the trophy in the center ring. But, her enviable life came at the price of her adopted parent’s lives, and now Julia has also inherited the responsibility of her teenage twin brothers.

Roane Jameson, the new head of FASPRO security, is determined to solve the Cameron case, and fast. Desperate to keep this job to pay his child support, he needs to create a glowing reputation to conceal his shadowy past. He’s willing to do whatever it takes. How hard can it be
when he’s only got one suspect?


Genre: Thriller/Romance
Print ISBN:
Length: Novel
Digital Price: $5.50

A secret held by the cult of Thomas Doctrine would forever change their lives.

Penny sees it all as receptionist at Golden Spirit, a Complementary Health Centre. Obsessive patients and neurotic new-age therapists are the norm, so it hardly seems strange when the office is electrified by the impending arrival of Thomas, an elite guru.

A bit jaded by the unending workplace drama, Penny shrugs off the fervour until Martin, a local clockmaker, draws her into a dangerous mystery that leads straight back to the Centre and its newest attraction.

This volume also contains a bonus ghostly love story, Appointment with the Past.


Genre: Romance/Contemporary
Length: Short
Price: $2.50

Kat Wilson is a woman content. Comfortable in her curvy body, a runner and a successful business owner, she doesn’t need a man. Having one in her life, however, isn’t such a bad idea. Nope, not a bad idea at all…especially after being saved from a drenching during a race by
Eric Thompson.

Most men like their women model-thin. Not Eric. He likes a woman who was soft, curvaceous. He likes them exactly like Kat Wilson. Too bad she seems to want nothing to do with him. Imagine his surprise when he finds the ad she took out for him in a Missed Connections section of a website…or so he thinks…

Can the matchmaking skills of Kat’s best friend convince Kat that Eric’s not just another toad, but the Prince Charming she never thought she needed?


PASSIONS by Jennifer Cole
Genre: Erotica/Paranormal
Length: Short Novel
Price: $4.50

The only thing more persuasive than a man pursuing the woman he wants? Two men.

Passions Resort. Humans, paranormal, or otherworldy visitors welcome. Adults only. This unique Caribbean get-away is centered on satisfying your desires. White sandy beaches, lush accommodations, and a full buffet for any carnal appetite. Public displays of sexual affection are encouraged, so check your inhibitions at the door, and possibly lose your heart. Disclaimer: We regret to inform potential Passions patrons that resort staff are strictly off limits. No amount of pleading or bribery, or alien persuasion will be accepted.

Jana Michaels escapes an abusive past by taking on a housekeeping position at a resort where fraternization isn’t allowed. Tristan and Travis, however, came in search of the only woman to complete their trio, and nothing will keep them from her.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, ménage à trois, and mild bondage.


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