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By Destiny Blaine
Heat Level: eXcess 3
Price: $2.99

Intimate Destruction is something no one ever wants to experience but Anya goes on a true search for it. Only, she doesn’t realize just how destroyed she can be by a man who plays with naughty toys.

Anya and her husband are swingers. Their lifestyle allows them to meet up with Julian and Katrina. Breaking all the rules of swinging, Anya wants to find Julian again after one night with him isn’t quite enough for a lifetime. When she finds him a year later, he isn’t as she remembers. Then again, he’s exactly as she wants him to be.

Julian is a Dom. Powerful in his BDSM lifestyle position; the women he takes to bed are submissive. Anya discovers the truth about him before she goes to his private suite, but she decides she can play the part. How hard can it be? She’s been swinging with her husband and other couples. The darker side couldn’t vary much by comparison.

When Anya meets up with Julian, she’s ready for the experience but he’s not sure she can handle him. Julian tells her that the last time they were together; she left him lusting for more. This time, it won’t happen. If she wants out, it’s time to cut her losses but Anya follows him into a secluded retreat where anything goes and everything does but the morning after is full of complications—and questions.

By Gabriel Daemon
Length: Super-Novel
Heat Level: eXcess 4
Price: $5.99

What does a nice Catholic school girl do to make her way through college? Get a day job? Host bake sales? How about becoming a prostitute?

That’s Alyssa’s solution, in a roundabout way. From a chance encounter at the mall to a fateful association with an older man named Gary, Alyssa learns how easy it can be to get what she wants while she’s on her knees. But when she convinces Gary to hold an online auction to sell her virginity, Alyssa is introduced to an entirely new world by a charismatic and powerful man named Ian Holloway.

Through Ian, Alyssa discovers the exciting life of a high-priced call girl. But it’s not always glamorous, Alyssa discovers, when she realizes that she is selling much more than her body . . .

By Selena Kitt
Length: Short
Heat Level: eXcess 4
Price: $1.99

Midwife Anne gets pulled over in the middle of the night on Cherry Hill Road. She’s on her way to a birth, but her urgency doesn’t sway the unsympathetic officer. When the cop discovers something suspicious on Anne’s driving record and insists she get out of the car, she knows she’s in real trouble. When he cuffs her and bends her over the hood, things go beyond trouble…

But the surprising outcome of this tale gives both Anne and the reader a jolt they never could have anticipated…

By Amicus
Length: Novel
Heat Level: eXcess 4
Price: $4.99

Billy works at a small town high school with the undercurrents of hormones boiling over and all that goes on behind the scenes. When a tragic event occurs and he steps forward in a rather unorthodox way to offer assistance, one thing leads to another and surprises and twists abound in this complex and complicated story about high school romance and sex. Billy leaves an indelible impression on every person’s life he touches – and he will leave one on you, too.

*~*~Selena Kitt~*~*
Erotic Fiction You Won’t Forget
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