PUBLISHER NEWS: Four New Releases From Lyrical Press Today

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GUARDIAN DAWN by Anthony Stevens Thriller/Urban Fantasy

Good and evil battle on common ground

GUARDIAN DAWN: In this first installment of the Common Ground Series, the US Capitol is under attack from a handful of extremists. Dedicated to their cause and led by man whose cruelty knows no bounds, the enemy is poised to unleash hell on earth.

A lone shaman with military connections must gather a force of
unconventional heroes to derail the attacks. Each warrior possesses skills in a new brand of warfare, and they just might succeed if their leader can convince them the key to victory rests not in the hands of their allies, but in their allies’ paws and claws…

The Common Ground Series pits old magic and technological wizardry against a universal enemy. Epic, sprawling battles threaten to divide and destroy both the natural and man-made worlds alike as they struggle to defeat an evil bent on their extinction.


AT THE DUNGEAON MASTER’S HAND by Jennifer Cole $2.50 Erotica/BDSM

Fantasies begin at the threshold of Le Club d’Esclavage

Natalie Buchanan has been working non-stop for six weeks. Determined to enjoy a rare weekend off, she winds up at the mysterious Le Club d’Esclavage.

Natalie had read about the bondage club, and although she’d been mildly curious about submissive pleasures, she never imagined she’d set foot inside. And now that she has, the erotic atmosphere of domination and submission sends her scrambling for the exit.

Before she can escape, she’s approached by a leather-hooded, bare-chested man who whispers a deep, sultry, “You are mine…”

Warning: this title contains the following, explicit sex, graphic language, bondage, BDSM, use of sex toys, anal sex.


ME AND MY GHOULFRIENDS by Rose Pressey $5.50 Romantic Comedy

There’s always fun to be had on a ghoul’s night out.

By day, Larue Donavan is a down-to-earth bookstore owner. But by night, she’s a world-renowned psychic investigator dedicated to helping lost spirits find peace. Dead people won’t leave her alone and Abraham Lincoln thinks he’s in charge of her lovelife.

Larue can handle ghosts and undead presidents. It’s the living that drive her crazy. When Callahan Weiss moves to town, the handsome newcomer opens a coffee shop right next door. She’s smitten from the start, but she’s not the only one — The boutique owner across the street has her eye on Callahan too, and uses witchcraft to fight dirty. When Callahan gets hit by a love spell, Larue will need more than a little help from her ghoul-friends to save the day…


LION TAMERS by Sutton Fox $4.50 Romance/Contemporary

Both of them are driven. Only one can win.

Sprint car driver Morgan Blade will do whatever it takes to save her critically ill father. If it means joining the cast of a reality show, so be it. She’ll do anything…except reveal the haunting secret surrounding her daughter’s death.

Tyler Dalton makes a living exposing secrets. He’s been forced into producing the new racing reality show, and his bosses expect another hit. The lone female contestant kicks things off with a bang, capturing the hearts of viewers in record time. All they need now is a little controversy to push ratings over the top. He looks to Morgan for something he can use, only to find a woman committed to her family and every bit as driven as he is. The more he learns about her, the more he likes her, and that spells disaster for the show.

For these two souls, love is collision course and there’s no turning back.

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Bid For Love
All Fore Revenge


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