PUBLISHER NEWS: eXcessica new releases week of 7/28/08

eXcessica new releases


By Dakota Trace

Length: Novella

Category: Romance, Humor, Cultural

Heat Level: eXcess 1

Price: $2.99

Annebelle is in love with the creamy chocolate confections Zephyrus Raincloud crafts in his shop, “The Delights”. While it wouldn’t take much for Annabelle to fall in love with him, she’s leery of risking her heart on a man who can’t see past the color of her skin to the warm affectionate woman she is. After one brief encounter, she swears it can’t happen again. But Zephyrus has decided she now belongs to him. How far will this chocolate maker go to seduce her into his way of thinking?


By Varian Krylov

Length: Super-Novel

Category: Menage

Heat Level: eXcess 4

Price: $5.99

Willful Vanka thinks she is dying. Galen, a famous actor, feels his life has become a superficial mirage. And beautiful Khalid can only love people who hurt him. When these three find themselves caught up in each others’ lives, will their risky games of domination and submission destroy them? Or will they find solace from a lifetime of hurt?


By Kev Henley

Length: Novel (37,516)

Category: Romance, Futuristic

Heat Level: eXcess 1

Price: $4.99

A healthy biological clock in an unhealthy world is a frightening motivator.

In the style of a dark-comic, post-apocalyptic thrill ride, this story follows a reality of failed diplomacy and common sense. Societal morays bend, and then break, as the human ability to procreate declines to practically nothing.

Enter Jordan Lee, self-proclaimed clown, thinker, and all-around great guy, who was just minding his own rather apathetic business before being kidnapped into one of the more radical bordello-style breeding centers.

Jordan struggles to maintain his humanity during his trials of captivity—especially his run-ins with the most evil woman in existence, Madame Giri, who relishes her job of keeping him in line just a little too much. And while there are all sorts of women to distract him—the deceptive actress, the swan-in-training, the switch-hitting dominatrix—he can’t get his mind off Lily, the one woman responsible for his captivity in the first place, whose beautiful face on the night of his kidnapping haunts his dreams.

Jordan acts like a caged tiger as he struggles to adjust to his confining new environment, and only time will tell if his antics will end up getting him killed, or if they will serve him—and Lily, and even humanity itself—in getting everything they need.

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