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A Grand Seduction by Lisa Logan

Dom, Ridelle, and Twyla manage to rescue Frannie from a crappola marriage by setting up her husband with a phony affair. When other desperate, divorce-minded wives come along, the four friends think they’ve got all the makings for a grand seduction scheme. . . until startling secrets, second thoughts, and murder spin their plan wildly out of control. After all, if the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, where will questionable ones lead?

My Own Wings by Ava Merrick

Sara’s life has been a struggle recently—it’s only the memory of the mystery man in her dreams and his tender care that keeps her spirits high. But who is he, really—and in the face of danger, what can he do for her?

Paging Dr. Jones by Ginger Simpson

Catherine McGuire ends up in the hospital, beaten by her husband, and eyes bandaged from her injuries. Her world seems upside down. When the bandages come off, she never expects to stand to-to-toe with such a startling sight.

Rough Caress by Lisabet Sarai

Devotion and discipline. Power and surrender. The thrill of watching a slave suffer willingly at your hands. The ecstasy discovered in giving yourself to another to be used and abused. Lisabet Sarai offers up fourteen erotic stories that explore the emotional side of dominance and submission. In the farmlands of Nebraska, the streets of Bangkok, the brownstones of New York and the red light district of Amsterdam, men and women experience the extremes of pleasure and the flashes of truth to be found in BDSM. Rough Caress collects some of Sarai’s best known BDSM fiction as well as offering several brand new stories.

Where the Night Things Are by Brittany Kingston

Poetry doesn’t always have to be serious. You can have a lot of fun with verse and rhyme.
In this collection, I’ve put together a selection of fun poems that explore all things dark and spooky. For those of you who love a good horror story, ghost tale or just a little paranormal creepiness, I hope you enjoy these poems about those things that go bump in the night…

Death Masks by Kim Richards

Computer geek Bill Cristo finds himself on the trail of a serial murderer when he takes up jogging at the local metro park. First serendipity and then curiosity prod him to begin an unofficial investigation. Who is murdering young men in this park? Is it the loony old guy who hangs out at the old cemetery or the creepy park ranger?

The Eleven-Hour Fall by Robert Appleton

For survival…on a mysterious planet light years from home. With the man of her dreams unconscious in her arms, astronaut Kate Borrowdale must escape the treacherous peaks of Kratos and traverse a strange, hidden world beneath the clouds.

Careless Whisper by Rhiannon Arivon

What happens when two talkative submissives sit too close to each other at a party? These two not only relearn the lesson “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all”, they also learn humility and how open to exploration they truly are.

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