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New Releases for May

Sarah’s Journey By Ginger Simpson

When Sarah Collins set her sights on California for a new beginning, she never figured a war party would attack her wagon train. After her friend Molly succumbs to her injuries, Sarah is the sole survivor, left alone to find her way back to civilization. Stampeding buffalo, the black prairie nights and eerie noises…just when she believes she’s faced the worst, a rattlesnake bite threatens to accomplish what the Indians failed. Is it her time to die, or does Sarah have a purpose yet to accomplish?

Goth by Karen Lewis

An eerie tale of greed, lust and murder with supernatural undertones.

A shop assistant’s disappearance from the strip mall triggers a major investigation—which fails to solve the case. When the new shop assistant begins to unravel the mystery, she puts her own life at risk. A grim sense of foreboding permeates a story as threatening as its setting – a dark mile of derelict buildings where vagrants live.

Meeting at Princes Bridge by Bruce Cooke

Friends for life and born on the same day, Meg, Iris, and Val meet every St Patrick’s Day on Princes Bridge Melbourne to throw in a coin to remember their dead fathers. When the Second World War breaks out, one of them makes a terrible mistake that results not only in estrangement but in a love that no one ever imagined. This story is filled with undying love, friendship, betrayal, retribution, tragedy and reunion.

Quest Book Two: Taniwha by Ellie Walker

Deep beneath the earth a monster is disturbed, while above ground Alice’s’ dream catcher no longer works. Evil has again come to Punui Bay, in the form of a revenge-seeking shape-shifter who works to free the monster. If Alice and Riva fail to find the Guardians and keep them safe, all mankind will be enslaved.

As the earth shakes and the sea rises, can they find the strength to band together and survive the threat?

Verisimilitude by Graeme S Houston

On the edge of explored space, an extraordinary artifact sits in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant—a floating castle. When exoarchaeologist Jerard Pauli is sent to investigate the structure’s
cavernous depths, he stumbles across a gate that takes him far way, to a dangerous new world full of similar structures, and he becomes lost amidst this myriad of drifting islands. After Pauli accepts that he may never see home again, he finds that this new world has its own ancient story and sinister purpose.

Class Clown by Eric Erato

Reunited grade-school classmates spark a first night of passion in a kindergarten classroom. When you add one hot ex-soldier just back from Afghanistan to a sensuous assistant principal unable to control her erotic urges, and multiply by an aggressive dominance and sexual submission, what do you get? You have an all-night lesson in extreme sensuality, bondage and release, and the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Spam by Paul Mann

Edwin, a socially awkward college student and quintessential computer nerd, has an experience with Spam that is truly out of this world. His unusual adventure with an annoying Spam E-mail leads him to reassess his take on computers and life in general.

Sacrifice by Lawrence Montgomery

He has a dark side… and she wants to see it. Now she’s at the mercy of a stranger who has her lover’s face. What will she surrender to him as he methodically strips her body and her psyche bare? What will she have to sacrifice to get her lover back?

Available at Eternal Press May 7, 2008

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