PUBLISHER NEWS: Dandelion’s News & Views, Issue #001 — Free Ebook Setup on Amazon Kindle!

Dandelion’s News & Views, Issue #001 — Free Ebook Setup on Amazon Kindle!

Showcase your ebooks on Amazon Kindle!

Dandelion’s Free Ebook setup gives you a chance to showcase your books on Amazon Kindle.

Send us your hard copy book files and we will set them up FREE on Amazon Kindle!

E-Books: We saw them coming… and now they’re here!

  • Ebooks in multiple formats
  • Ebook reading devices: KINDLE, Sony,
    Hammacher-Schlemmer, etc.

    Ebooks are:

  • Portable and readable on ebook reading devices, smart phones,
    PDAs and laptops
  • Many can also be printed out if you prefer a paper version
  • Ebook reading device screens are easy on the eyes.
  • Efficient… imagine carrying around in your
    purse or briefcase a library of over 100,000 books!

    Send us your unpublished works. We will publish them as ebooks on Kindle,, and also set them up for distribution as a Glassbook through Ingram Digital Group.*

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    In 2000 when Dandelion Books launched its business model as a digital publishing company, people thought we were crazy.

    “Print on demand is NOT the way to distribute and sell books,” they lectured. At that time, they were right. Internet marketing was still in its infancy. My Space, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. weren’t even born yet.

    Even though “Web” and “log” tied the knot in ’97 (at that time Google hadn’t even started to Boogie), they didn’t begin to raise their family of Blogs until the early 2000s.

    Until recently, most publishers were still rolling off hard copy books from metal plates (sound archaic?). The traditional book industry was determined to stamp out the Digital Revolution of print on demand hard copy books, self-and co-publishing… and now, ebooks in multiple formats that can even be read on cell phones.

    Field of Green: “Build it and they will come”!

    Suddenly it’s IN to be green. Although printed paper books will probably be around for at least another century, ebooks are now the RAG E.

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    Feel free to contact us for more information about Dandelion’s ebook and hard copy publishing and editing services. Dandelion ebook catalog

    *Fees apply for:
  • New manuscript registrations.
  • and conversions.
  • Editing and proofing, if needed.

    Enjoy the Dandelion Books Website!!

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