PUBLISHER NEWS: Brand New F/F Release at Torquere Press.

Seeing Is Believing has now been released by Torquere Press and is the first in a series of stories about the Sweet Sensations lesbian nightclub. You may remember that this book was available for a short time earlier this year. Due to my publishers closing, I had to take the book off the market, but it’s back now, bigger and better than ever before 🙂

Here for your reading pleasure is a short excerpt.

May shuddered, feeling her apprehension build as she waited in the brightly lit reception area of her apartment building. She watched through the glass doors and saw a cab draw up to the sidewalk while George, the door attendant, walked forward to hold the door open for her. Nervously she stepped through the doorway and sensing a slight chill in the air, pulled her woolen jacket closer to her body.
“Where to Ms. Paxman?” George asked.

Inhaling deeply, she climbed into the vehicle and settled against the upholstery. “The Montague,” she instructed.

George passed the information on to the driver and wishing her a pleasant evening, he closed the door swiftly behind her. The cab pulled out into the steady flow of traffic and May smiled to herself. Yes, she hoped to have a very pleasant evening indeed. She reached into her purse and looked again at the invitation card. Ms. M. Paxman is cordially invited to the Sexclusive Opening Night of Sweet Sensations.
She smiled at the play on words and wondered just how on earth she had managed to obtain the modern day equivalent to the Holy Grail. At least, that’s what it amounted to in her world, anyway. Months of speculation and internet gossip had preceded tonight’s opening of the ultra-exclusive lesbian nightspot. It was strictly invitation only, with discretion guaranteed for all those attending.

Replacing the card, May swallowed deeply. This would be her first foray into single nightlife since Nicole had left the city. May knew that her social life needed to start again and the opening of this nightclub would be the perfect time. However, it still felt strange. She told herself that she could cope well as a single woman. The daylight hours were easy enough to get through, however, the nights were proving to be a different matter altogether.

May spent her days throwing all her energy into the small photography business that she had begun with Nicole’s encouragement. It left very little time for other things, which was the way she liked her life now. There seemed less time to ponder on the life she had shared with Nicole. May sighed deeply into the near silence of the cab. There was so much to thank her ex-partner for, but still so many reasons to be angry with her.

May pursed her lips together refusing to mar her evening with regrets or sorrow. Whatever Nicole had done, her ex- had been responsible for turning May’s life around and she would always be grateful to her. Tonight would be a new start for her now. This invitation was a new doorway she would be walking through. Moreover, after tonight, May intended to never look back.

(c) Megan Rose 2008

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