PROMO/Excerpt (PG-13): Viking Seduction by Tracy L. Ranson (Historical Erotic)

Viking Seduction
Tracy L. Ranson
June 4, 2009
Dark Castle Lords


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Morgaine ap Rhodri is a princess on the run from Wales. Rather than face the prospect of a loveless marriage with King Alfred of Wessex, she turns to her true friend-the sea-to aid her in her escape. The only thing she expects is to make a new life somewhere and live on her own terms. What she doesn’t count on is falling into the arms of a handsome Viking Nobleman, Erik Ragnorsson. After he captures her ship and takes her back to his land as a slave, Morgaine does the one thing that she never wanted to do: fall under the spell of his VIKING SEDUCTION.


Painful throbs in her head brought Morgaine back from the depths of the howling blackness of unconsciousness. How long she remained there was uncertain. The last thing she remembered was getting ready to run a Viking through…her ship! Jesu! A roving band of Vikings attacked her ship on the high sea!

Morgaine opened her eyes. Where was she? Silvery moonlight bathed a rough-hewn tent in gray and outlined the confines of her prison. Just beyond the edge, she heard the soft murmur of voices in a language she had never heard before as well as the slap of oars as they entered the water. Where was everyone?

Morgaine dropped her hand. Soft fur pelts constructed a bed beneath her, warm but foreign. Fear pounded along her veins as the sudden realization of her situation sank in. She must have been captured and brought aboard a Viking ship to be taken God only knew where!

What was she going to do? Were they going to ravish her and pass her around like some sort of sport?

Before she could think upon her situation further, the tent parted with the help of two large hands. Terror pushed Morgaine’s heart to a new pace as a lump formed in her throat. Who entered her dim prison? Better still, what did they want with her? She backed up a little on the mound, her fingers curling around the silky hairs.

A very tall figure emerged through the opening. He stood before her, bulging arms crossed. From his silhouette, she could see his heavily muscled arms as well as his strong legs splayed out in a gesture of power. Light colored, wavy hair framed his unseen face.

“I trust you are well.” His deeply masculine voice spoke her Welsh tongue with a perfect accent.

She was taken aback. “How…how…you know my language?”

A quick snort of annoyance escaped his lips. “You forget that the Vikings have traveled the seas since time began. Most of us know many languages.” He allowed his arms to fall to his sides. Slowly he curled his hands and placed them on his lean hips. “I suppose you could use some light.” With a quick snap of his fingers, a small oil filled pot passed through the opening of the tent. Despite the small flame, the light was generous enough for her to get a good look at him.

Warm golden light highlighted his bronzed skin underneath the strange fur vest covering his wide torso. He possessed a strong brow hooding his eyes, almost like those of a hawk.. His aquiline, sleek nose swept down to high cheekbones. Luscious full lips parted to let out a soft breath. Her heart thumped an extra beat as a deep dread filled her.

“Many thanks, my lord. What…what is it you wish to do with me?”

“That all depends.” He lowered himself next to her. The corner of the bed sank under his massive weight and brought forth the frightening notion this giant could spring on her and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

She trembled slightly but managed to keep her emotions wiped from her face. “On what?”

Her captor picked up a strand of her hair and dangled the locks between his strong fingers. “On you.. First, you are going to tell me who you are and what you are doing at sea with a band of men.” Strange light danced behind the stormy gray eyes, his emotions very hard to read. Father had taught her to gauge her enemy by their eyes but this was one she couldn’t identify. What was his real intention with her?

She shook her head and crossed her arms. “No. That is my concern and my concern alone.”

In a swift motion, his strong arm locked around her waist and drew her against the hardened plane of his chest. He whirled about until he had her pinned beneath him. The width of his hips forced her legs apart and she had no choice but to let them fall open. He was far too strong for her to push him off.

He poised above her as the sweep of his gaze traveled all over her face. A storm brewed behind those iron gray eyes, fueled by more unknown emotions.

Tenderly, the pad of his thumb skimmed over her lower lip. He murmured something in his Viking tongue as he caressed her cheek. “You are a beautiful woman.” He lowered his head as if he would but steal a kiss from her. “I could sip from those lips all night long.”

Anger flashed inside of her, replacing the small bites of lust nipping at her soul. “There will be no sipping or anything else. I refuse to give in to your demands.”

His blonde eyebrow rose. “Really? Let me see if I can tempt you into giving in to my demands.” Pressing his hips downward, she could feel the bulge of his huge cock grind against her pussy. Her nipples tingled in a strange fashion, beginning from root to tip. She gasped.

A sensual slipped over his lethal lips as his mouth curled into a half smile. “Have you tasted desire enough?”

Morgaine could do nothing but stare at his hypnotic eyes and tremble beneath his mammoth form. The inner walls of her pussy convulsed as if her nether regions hungered to have his large organ inside of her pumping away to oblivion. She tried to stop all those emotions but she couldn’t. His masculine force was too strong for her.

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