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Winning Virgin Blood

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[Winning Virgin Blood by Destiny Blaine, Winning Virgin]


Orlando Spenser has it all—freedom, looks, vampire royalty in his veins, and lots of money for indulgences. He’s one to be envied until suddenly an order comes down from the elders—and it’s enough to stop him in his philandering tracks.

He’s just returned from Las Vegas, a city where he left a good chunk of change. Now, the elders want him to return there and they’re looking for retribution. He must go back to the desert with one goal in mind—to find a winning vampire bride!

Casual Conversation: Meet the Spensers

Almonzo and Orlando—fine specimens if you’re a woman who appreciates an alpha-male vampire, or two. These twins have it all. Money, power, good looks, a great body to match, oh and they’re going to live forever. Imagine having it all and keeping it for a lifetime!

These two men are blessed with a little sister. At least, they think so now. Constance has long black hair and beautiful dark eyes and her brothers are wrapped around each of her tiny little pinkies. She’ll eventually find two other men who are equally smitten by her but for
other reasons altogether.

Samuel Spenser is the patriarch of the family and it’s safe to say, he wears the pants he fills quite well. His sons respect him and though reluctantly, follow his orders and try to meet up to his expectations.

Marion, the matriarch of the family isn’t blinded by the good looks her sons possess or the way they can charm everyone around them. She’s quite comical in the way she deals with them and of course willing to do anything for them if they find trouble—and on occasion, they will.

Orlando and Almonzo will eventually take their own respective life mates—and it won’t be an easy task. Of course, these men enjoy the thrill of the chase and they’ll definitely have one when the time comes to bed a virgin bride.

Just a little “behind the scenes” knowledge for those of you who want to know more about the Winning Virgin Series!

Coming Soon to the Winning Virgin Series:

Winning Virgin Love: Coming in August!

Winning Virgin Lust: Coming later this year!

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