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Available now at Cobblestone Press… A twisted fairy tale set in the Darkworld…

Underwear model Max Fever has a problem. He’s just become the Pixie Prince and his inheritance includes big golden wings that won’t let him sleep on his back. Max has to find a soft mattress or spend the rest of his days with a bruised behind. An enigmatic waiter named Marty takes Max to club Carpe Noctem to meet a vampire who has a space foam mattress. Max falls in love with the mattress and its owner, vampire Bliss Wilde. Will the tragic pasts of Bliss’ brother and Max’s best friend become a roadblock to their bonding?
“Yo! Max Fever!”
Max winced slightly at the nickname and went to the head of the line where the bouncer stamped his hand and let him inside. Rock music blared and Max shook his head, not used to his new sensitivity to sound. At least they weren’t playing hip-hop, he thought as he headed toward the bar. All that bass would have killed him.
He found an empty spot at the bar and leaned over, yelling at the bartender, “Gimme a Guinness.”
The barkeep nodded and took down an ale glass. Moments, later a glass of dark chocolate-colored liquid sat in front of Max, the head forming as the stout settled. Max leaned on the bar and looked around at the patrons. Most were vampires, but a lot of other species were represented as well, including humans. He sipped his stout and crowd-watched, his eyes on the look out for Bliss.
“Couldn’t sleep?”
The scent of caramel reached his nose at the exact same moment her smoky voiced words reached his ears. Instantly, his cock reared its head and made its demands known. Surreptitiously, Max rearranged himself so Bliss wouldn’t notice that he was already half hard. Then he turned to face her.
“I tried. I really did.”
She smiled at him sympathetically. Then she tilted her head toward the hidden door. “C’mon upstairs. Bring your drink.”
He followed her through the crowd, wishing there weren’t so many people. He would have liked to watch her ass as he had earlier in the day. She held the door open and he slipped in. She locked it behind them and led the way up the stairs.
Max could have sighed with pleasure. The sight of her taut ass in plain black slacks did something to him. In his head, he had visions of bending her over while his hands stroked over those full curves and his lips teased her neck.
Suppressing a shudder of lust, he stepped into her living room, watching as she tossed her keys onto the coffee table. She walked into the tiny galley kitchen and opened the refrigerator, taking out a bottle of water. She leaned against the stove, sipping the water and looking at him as he took a seat at the breakfast bar.
“I have two brothers. I love them dearly, but sometimes, I can’t live with them,” she said on a sigh. “I escape here when that happens. It’s really no hardship for me if you’d like to sleep here while you’re waiting for your mattress to arrive.”
Max shook his head. “I don’t want to imposition you.” Inside, he was thinking, Fuck, yeah. Let me in your bed, baby. Maybe then I can persuade you to join me there…
Bliss chuckled. “I just told you it wouldn’t be an imposition. I rarely stay here as you can tell by the layer of dust on everything.”
“I’m a stranger. What if I’m some kinda pervert or axe murderer?” He fingered the rim of his glass as he watched her.
She laughed. “I could use a healthy, normal pervert in my life. I get all the drunk, obnoxious perverts who want me to suck their blood.” She grimaced. “And I’ve known Marty a couple of years now. He’s a good judge of character and a good person. He wouldn’t have brought you here if he thought you were dangerous.”
Max pondered her words for a moment. Healthy, normal pervert? Did she mean what he thought she meant by that? Because if she meant that she needed someone to jump her bones, he was definitely her man.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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