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3 Sizzling Titles to get you in the mood over Christmas!

Celtic Fire: Solstice Seduction by Bronwyn Green

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Celtic Fire: Solstice Seduction

ISBN 13: 978-1-906328-62-7
Genre: Seasonal short/Fantasy

Book one in the Celtic Fire Series

Banished from Heaven as punishment for his sins, Taliesin has walked
among humans for thousands of years. He’s damned sick of it. Death would
be preferable to the cultural bankruptcy of the twenty-first century,
but what’s a cursed immortal to do? It’s not like he can kill himself.

Dr. Emerson Matthews has no clue what to do with the enigmatic, gorgeous
man who has landed in the psych ward at the hospital where she works.
Well, she knows what she wants to do, but it’s unethical and likely
illegal. Especially since he seems to be out of his mind. Why else would
he claim to be a fallen angel?

Hell bent on seduction, Taliesin tempts Emerson, luring her tightly
guarded passion to the surface and introduces her to sensual delights
she’s never dreamed of. As she learns more about the mysterious man in
her care, she begins to question her own sanity as his claims of Divine
origin seem more plausible with each passing moment.

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The Watchers: Dark Awakening by Charlotte Featherstone

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The Watchers: Dark Awakening

ISBN 13: 978-1-906328-60-3
Genre: Seasonal short/Fantasy

Book one in The Watchers Series

Heavenly bad boys…these aren’t the angels they taught you about in
Sunday School!

Gadriel is a Watcher – and a Fallen Angel. The Angel of War. Cast out of
Heaven for hating humans, and for failing to bow before them, he’s come
to Earth to enact his vengeance upon his brothers, and an unsuspecting
mortal. When a human woman enters his life, events are set in motion
that neither of them can stop.

For, unknown to the humans, there is a war in Heaven, a war between the
faithful and the fallen that has been locked in stalemate for centuries.
Gadriel alone has the power to change the tides – for either side. But
does he want it? Can his desire for this human run deeper than physical
lust, or has he truly fallen beyond redemption?

More About Charlotte Featherstone

Redemption: Fallen by Brynn Paulin

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Redemption: Fallen

ISBN 13: 978-1-906328-58-0
Genre: Seasonal short/Fantasy

Book one in the Redemption Series

In all eternity Raphian never desired anyone more than Lissa Chase. As
her guardian angel, he couldn’t touch her. Or shouldn’t have. Taunted by
demons, he succumbed. One forbidden night in Lissa’s arms was everything
he’d imagined it would be. And it condemned him, casting him to earth.

Lissa is stunned when the stranger from last night’s erotic dreams walks
into her life to pick up where the dreams had left off. When she
discovers last night was reality, she’s thrust into a battle of good and

While she decides if she can allow Raphian into her life, every demon in
the vicinity is after the fallen angel to bring him fully to their side
– even if it means using the woman he loves as bait.

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