PROMO: Target of Deception by Jennifer Cole (Adult)

*Target of Deception*
By: Jennifer Cole
Publisher: Dark Eden Press
Genre: Romantic
Heat Level: Carnal
Word Count: 37,903
Price: $4.50
Officer Adrien Spence’s Mission: Obtain incriminating evidence which, one Alexis Rainier holds in her possession — at any cost.

First Challenge: Earn Alexis’ trust, which is easier said than done. By him using her niece, Alexis’ walls virtually crumble at her feet, as the little girl falls in love with Adrien.

Second Challenge: He must seduce Alexis and keep her off balance, and above all else, his secret agenda must remain just that, a secret.

Third Challenge: Adrien must search Alexis’ house for the damning evidence, without her finding out.

Unfortunately, he didn’t expect to lose his heart in the deal; and when Adrien learns that Alexis has been kidnapped, he prays that he can beat the clock in a race against time to save her.

Her life depends on it.

*Content Warning*: This title contains explicit language, graphic sex and violence.

*An excerpt from the book*

Spence followed her onto the rickety porch and reached for her keys as he put himself between her body and the steel door. “Allow me, please,” he said firmly as Summer pulled the keys out of his reach. Gritting his teeth, he inhaled a deep calming breath. “I need to have a look through your house.” He reached for the keys again.

Trying to push her way past him, she said with restrained evenness, “This is ridiculous. Now, get the hell out of my way. You are not coming in my house.”

Spence took a half step back and cocked his head dumbfounded, “It’s procedure.”

“This is bullshit,” Summer muttered.

Silently they stood studying one another. The only sound in the quiet night air was their uneven breathing.

As much fun as it was, he intended to take control back.

Without warning, a large hand grabbed her wrist and another plucked the keys right out of her grasp and he turned to the door.

“Hey! You son-of-a….”

He cast a warning glance over his shoulder. “You aren’t about to verbally assault a police officer, are you?”

She growled low bearing her teeth, “Bite me.”

As he raised a brow in response, Summer could have sworn a look of arousal flickered in those blue depths. Was their little sparring match actually turning him on? Before barking out an obscenity at him, she stopped. A red warning flag went up as she realized, she was enjoying their banter herself. In an attempt to rid her wandering mind of those unwelcome thoughts, she gave her head a shake.

Spence turned his attention back to the task of unlocking the door.

Summer heard the lock click open on the doorknob, and the first deadbolt, then Spence looked over his shoulder at her and whispered, “You wait right here.” He pointed down at her feet to emphasize his seriousness.

Nodding in agreement, once he turned his head again, she leaned in to him, “Right,” she quipped sarcastically.

Another look of warning was her response.

As she heard the tumbler click open in the second deadbolt Summer pushed her way past Spence. “Get the hell out of my way, Cop,” she snarled.

“Jesus Christ lady, will you let me do my job,” he growled and tried to stop her entrance.

“Keep your voice down, will you?” she said in a hushed tone.

“*What?*” he griped softly.

She felt the heat of his body against her back and as she attempted to spin around to shove him away from her. When Summer slammed into his solid frame, her head nestled just under his chin. A clean, spicy, masculine scent filled her nostrils as she used his broad chest to brace herself.

With lightning speed, Spence gripped her around the waist to steady her. Summer felt him inhale softly against her hair. Even in her five inch heels, he towered over her. She felt his hardening erection press her belly as he held her body firmly, against his length.

“I need to search your house, Miss Rain, to be sure you don’t have any unwelcome visitors,” his voice husky, just above a whisper.

Summer cleared her throat and backed away from the intense heat of his body. “You’re the only unwelcome visitor I have,” she responded quietly. “You don’t need to check my house. You’ve seen the locks on the front door, the back is the same, and I have a security system.”

“A security system? In this place?” As he looked around the dark foyer, an amused look crossed his face.

Summer saw red. Her heart thumped so hard she thought it would burst from her chest. The smug son-of-a-bitch had insulted her…again!

“Yeah, that’s right, Cop. It might look like a dump to you, but it’s my dump. And all the worthless shit inside it is mine,” she snapped and flicked on the light switch beside the door.

“I didn’t mean…Whoa!” Spence stepped back as the foyer lit up around them.

His beautiful blue eyes grew as big as saucers.

“Meet my security system, Cop,” her smile was now warm and flirtatious, as his eyes met hers.

Two huge, adult Rottweilers, eyeing him like he was dinner, sat no more than five feet away.

She stared at him, but spoke directly to the dogs, “Fred, Ginger, don’t let this man into our house.”

The larger of the two dogs growled low.

“Good night, Officer Spence.” Summer gently closed the door in his face and locked the three locks.

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January 15, 2008 – Dark Eden Press
Target of Deception

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