PROMO: Sturmen Krieg, a.k.a. James Fischer

The Dark Ages Trilogy

Sturmen Krieg’s second installment of The Dark Ages trilogy, Malignance, is now available at Sturmen Kreig’s new web site, Malignance tells the tale of a DEA contract operative, and estranged father, who returns from Panama and delves into the underbelly of New Orleans to investigate and avenge the murder of the only thing he ever truly loved, his 14-year-old daughter site users may peruse details, reviews, and/or participate in the site blog at their leisure.

The first installment of the trilogy, Ignoble, is available as well. Ignoble recounts the collapse of a joint US/Panamanian drug interdiction operation in the rain forest of Columbia. See details and reviews.To download a POD of Ignoble or Malignance, please go to, click on the “details” icon, beneath each book cover, and make your order. Or, you may directly connect to There, you can locate these works searching by way of author name or book title.

See you there,
Sturmen Krieg


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