PROMO-SPYING THE ALCOVE BY LAURA TOLOMEI-Genre: M/M, M/F/M, M/F, Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical Romance


Hot Sicilian sun brings to life an ancient medallion’s erotic tales in Vittorio’s imagination. But will the outrageous scenes seduce him into changing his tastes?

Spying the Alcove

Genre: M/M, M/F/M, M/F, Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary, Historical Romance

Publisher: eXtasy Books,

ISBN: 978-1-55487-347-0

Release date: August 1st, 2009


When his assistant declares sex is to be shared for it’s too precious to lock away in a drawer or save for an exclusive use alone, that it’s free, and has no limitations except our own and gender should never be an acceptable limit, the Professor has trouble accepting this simple concept despite the intriguing tale of a Roman matron’s journey into erotism. Apparently two unconnected stories—Valerio and Andrea in modern day Sicily, Lidia and Brutus’s hot passion in 1st century AD—an ancient medallion will bring them together as Valerio spies the sensually burning alcove in an increasingly unbearable t sexual.


“Don’t you miss Paolo?” Valerio asked, a surprised look crossing his face.

Andrea shrugged. “Not particularly. He’s a bit too jealous for my taste.”

Valerio grinned. “Weren’t you just telling me how men fare better than women in the jealousy department?” he teased.

Andreas tensed. “They usually do, but there are always exceptions that—”

“No need to explain,” the Professor cut him off gently. “I know you believe in open relationships, but surely not everyone does.

“Oh, I believe in sleeping around with whomever I like whenever I like,” Andrea grinned, “and I’m sorry for all those who don’t.” He shrugged. “This is one of the few things experience has taught me and I try to live by it.” Taking a deep breath, he wondered briefly if it was wise to reveal a heart-felt conviction that could seal his destiny one of two ways, quickly making up his mind to risk it all. “Sex is meant to be shared. It’s too precious to lock in a drawer, throwing away the key, or save for an exclusive use alone. It’s free and has no limitations except our own. And gender should never be an acceptable limit.”

* * * *

“You didn’t like it, Lidia,” Brutus decided for me, his hand gently stroking my hair.

I raised my head to look him straight in the eyes. “No, I…I’m not sure,” I admitted frankly.

He picked me up effortlessly and placed me on his chest, my small body only partly covering his. “Did it upset you to see two men together?” he asked, stroking my cheek.

“I…I didn’t expect it,” I admitted.

“And you’d never seen it?”

I shook my head.

“And what didn’t you like?”

I remained in silence for a second, wondering how truthful I should be.

“Listen, Lidia,” he urged, “it’s just sex, the best pleasure available at any time. And it should be shared with as many as possible, regardless of their gender.”

“But you’re a man,” I protested, “and to see you act like a woman was intolerable.”

He grinned. “There’s just as much pleasure in giving as in receiving. They’re two sides of the same medal, just like domination and submission. The important thing to remember is that it’s just sex.”

Sassy note; Last two lines have been cut short because it’s just too damn hot! Sorry, you’ll have to buy the book to see what happens next! 🙂


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