PROMO: Shades of Gray by Shara Azod (I/R Erotic) PG Excerpt

Genre: I/R Erotic Romance


Bobbi is a woman used to being on her own. She never allows anything to ruffle her feathers and depends on no man for anything.

Grayson is a man who knew what he wanted, and he wanted Bobbi. He just wished she would let down her guard and let him in. While she might have given him her body, it was her trust he was after.

But when a danger lurks, there was only one place Bobbi can think to go. Straight into Grayson’s arms. There she learns life isn’t always shades of gray.


“Nice shirt,” he managed to croak out without sounding quite as hard up as he felt. Damn, how long had it been since he had been with a woman? Had there really ever been a woman before Bobbi?

Bobbi, at least looked sheepish about her choice of clothing. It was definitely a man’s shirt, and it damn sure wasn’t his. That was not going to do at all. From the moment he saw her in that damned bar, there were no other men for Bobbi. Maybe he was going to have to explain it to her real slow and easy like. Oh, the possible punishments to be had.

“I have a thing for men’s shirts,” Bobbi shrugged and made to turn away.
Grayson wondered idly if he had not been clear enough about his certain predilections. He had tried, in little ways, to let Bobbi become aware slowly, like a gradual awakening to the kind of man he really was. If he had thought for a second she wasn’t predisposed to his distinctly dominant nature, he would have eased off. Not backed away, but gone even more slowly, though it would have killed him. But she hadn’t. With each gradual claim of dominance over the smallest of things, she gave in gracefully, and in most cases, gratefully.

He wasn’t the type of asshole who had to have a woman do exactly what he said when he said how he said it, but he was dominant to the extreme, and his woman would not ever wear another man’s shirt.

He could have asked who the former owner of the shirt was, but he didn’t really want to know. Besides, he had already established, at least in his mind, there was no other man in Bobbi’s life as of right now. Ever. Not past, damn sure not present, and never, ever in the future.
It took little to turn her around to face him. She lifted a raised brow in question, but didn’t stop him as he lifted the garment from her body, realizing too late the effect it was going to have on him.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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