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Plain Brown Wrapper: Tort and Retort

By Maura Anderson

Cover Artist: Celia Kyle

ISBN: 978-1-60168-087-7

Genre(s): Erotic Romance

Series: Plain Brown Wrapper Multi Author

Length: Short Story

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Ambitious and driven patent law attorney, Gayle Osborne, has a secret. Her power suits and take-no-prisoners attitude hide a passionate nature whose only outlet is reading and reviewing erotic romance. If anyone finds out that she is “Miss Retort,” the snarky and opinionated blogger from the Hits & Misses review blog, she’ll lose everything—her reputation, her clients, her job and, worst of all, her gorgeous mentor and boss, Tyler Monroe.


Tyler Monroe’s considerable presence seemed to fill the room just as his well-built body filled the doorway. She quickly looked back down at her laptop but couldn’t resist a peek at her mentor’s tight ass as he walked over to shut the door leading into the rest of their small office suite.

Damn. It really is too bad that he’s off limits. An ass that fine just begs for some exploratory nibbles.

She managed not to drool and forced her eyes away just in time to avoid being caught ogling him. At least the agenda for their meeting provided a convenient distraction from her lustful thoughts.

Throughout the meeting, it took an act of supreme willpower to keep her mind on business and off Tyler’s gorgeous toffee colored eyes, or what it might feel like to run her hands through his short dark brown hair.

After they exchanged updates on their various projects and covered the few other agenda items, she gathered her items up, already thinking of the preparations she needed to make before this afternoon’s round of client meetings.

“Umm, Gayle?” Tyler sounded uncharacteristically hesitant.

“Yes? Did I forget something?” She mentally reviewed the meeting agenda. “I’m sure I covered everything.”

“You covered everything on the agenda, but I have something else I want to talk to you about.” He glanced at his own laptop, then closed it and looked at Gayle instead. “Do you remember our agreement when you came to work for me?”

His unsmiling question made her immediately nervous. What had she done? Did she screw something up and not even realize it?

She erected the confident front she’d developed during law school and subsequently perfected during her daily interactions with overly egotistical geeks. She straightened the coat of her red linen suit and squared her shoulders. “I remember we agreed that you’d take a chance and hire me right out of school, unproven, if I’d take a chance and work for a lawyer that just started his own niche law firm.”

Try as she might, she simply could not come up with anything for Tyler to be unhappy about. There was the incident a few days ago where she’d told off yet another game developer who thought he could play Fantasy Fornication with her, instead of discussing the possibility of patenting his new algorithm. But Tyler had cheered her on for that when she’d told him what happened.

She realized she was fidgeting with her pen and set it carefully down on the conference table before she forced herself to sit back in her chair and relax. Or at least pretend to relax.

Tyler’s sharp eyes were sure to detect her tense hands and clenched jaw, and know she wasn’t really at ease. Remaining silent, she waited for him to finish his torment and just tell her what was on his mind.

Sometimes he took far too much delight in dangling people from hooks and watching them twitch.

“I’ve decided it’s time to make some changes.” Tyler looked down at the file folder he’d carried in with him but hadn’t opened during their meeting. “Past time actually.”

Gayle gulped. This had all the hallmarks of a pink slip. But why?


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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