PROMO: Recent Release IN FLAMES – Romantic Suspense

AUTHOR: Melody Knight
GENRE: Romantic Suspense
PUBLISHER: Linden Bay Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60202-061-0
RATING: Sensual content, violence

BLURB: Lady Sophia Donovan has everything a woman could wish for—a new-found family, the hard-earned respect of her peers in the corporate world, loyal friends, and an exciting lover.
Marco Willis is a spy. Tall, dark, handsome, and oh-so-virile, he’s long been accustomed to bedding women and securing information while between the sheets. But Sophie is unlike any woman he’s ever known. With her open, warm, and loving nature she not only gains Marco’s trust, she captures his heart. But is there more to Lady Donovan than meets the eye?

When a series of terrifying events threatens Sophie’s life, things really begin to heat up. Marco, the man she’s grown to love, is determined to protect her at all costs. How can he hope to win, though, when his opponent is a dead man, and his only weapons are Sophie’s secret past and a bunch of buried memories? In Flames—a scorching hot read that you won’t be able to put down.


Melody Knight


Sophie lost him in the smoke and steam. She screamed, choked on soot and swallowed water— then it was all gagging, paddling, churning her way through the wash. The surge was relentless, all troughs and waves, floating wood and falling stone. She was slammed against the wall and
felt her shoulder give. Sophie shrieked and fought for air.


He had her. Marco grabbed her, and clung. She held onto him weakly, and opened her eyes to find he was smiling.

A death’s head grin. It was Gerald Beaumont.

“Sophie!” he cried, clawing at her head, her shoulders, climbing her like a bobbing tree. She was going under, down, when Marco snatched her out of Gerald’s grasp and flung him aside. But Marco’s hold on her was tenuous, and Beaumont’s frantic antics cost him. Scratch, tear, rip, fling, but in the wildly swirling muddle, of dirt and bone, ash and wood, filthy foam and churning
backwash, Sophie was jarred loose from Marco’s grasp once more, out of his reach. He heard her choked off “Marc-!” as she vanished beneath the rising waters.

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