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Angelic Desires
Author: Stephani Hecht
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Parameters of Category: Short Stories
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Series, Fantasy Games, Light BDSM
Pages: 29
Flame Rating: 4 Flames

Cadean, a harpy and a bounty hunter for Lucifer, has never failed a mission yet. So when she is sent to capture Appolion, an exiled angel, she has no doubt that she will succeed again. That is until she has him tied to a chair and completely at her mercy. She takes one look at his hard body and decides that this time, she’s going to play with her prey before she goes in for the final kill.
By reading this excerpt you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age or older.


Braced for an attack, she sucked in a breath when another flutter of air brushed by her face. With a blind lunge in the direction it came from, she met with empty space. Then the arrogant jerk laughed at her. It was a slow, deep chuckle, both annoying and, strangely enough, sexual. Wet between her thighs, she bit her bottom lip and shook her head in order to clear it some.
After a steadying breath, she ordered, “You may as well make this easier on the both of us and surrender now, Appolion.”

There was another whisper of movement, then she was smacked on the ass for the second time that day. She shrieked in outrage and swung her dagger around. The only thing that accomplished was having the weapon make an impressive whistling sound as it sliced through nothingness.

An arm shot out from behind her and captured her in a hard grip. His chest crushed her wings as she struggled to escape his hold. Cadean tried to stomp on his feet, but he dodged, almost like he was able to anticipate her moves before she even thought of making them.
“If you think I’m going anywhere with you, little demon, then you’re fucking crazy,” he rumbled into her ear.

His lips caressed her ear with each word he spoke and she became aware of how good his muscular body felt tightly pressed against her back. It took every ounce of control she had not to thrust her ass back to feel even more of him. There was a soft tickle at the side of her neck as he leaned in and inhaled.

“You don’t smell like a demon,” he commented.
“That’s because I’m a harpy,” she revealed in a shaky voice. Now why did she find it necessary to admit that? She sensed his smile.
“A harpy. The only demon besides a succubus that stays beautiful. This is my lucky day.”


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