PROMO: Pimping My Friend J. Emberglass & Chap Book Bedeville

OK – friends, I’m pimping one of my new friends. Go to: and buy this short, little title, Bedevilled by J. Emberglass. For $1.75 – how can you possibly resist?

Here’s the blurb:

“Dean Wellern works in a warehouse. His life is just like any average Joe’s until the Friday night a freaky looking man follows him half way home. Spooked, Dean bumps into a well-dressed man who “invites” Dean to dinner and can read his thoughts. Plagued by erotic, frightening images of intertwined red-eyed men and women in the throes of ecstasy, Dean rushes home only to have one bizarre incident after another happen. When a court summons delivered by the largest man he has ever seen arrives, Dean knows something is seriously wrong. But what happens next will force him to walk a road less traveled.

This is a chapter book. Each chapter will be rated based upon the
content of that chapter. One chapter may be sweet, and the next could be beyond sizzling. This particular story will include M/M as well as hetero sex and will reach at least the sizzling rating in subsequent chapters.

Rating: Tangy due to language

Book Length: Chapter Book

Price: $1.75

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Contemporary/M/M”

Here’s what reviewers are saying about it already:

“I really enjoyed this short little title. My only complaint – I want
to read the next chapter already. I was very pleased with this first
chapter of getting to know the characters and it set me up for what
I’m sure will be a fantastic ride as more chapters are released. This
little e-book will leave you with lots of questions that you won’t be
able to wait for to be answered. I am sincerely looking forward to
the release of the future chapters. J. does a wonderful job with a
dash of humor to lighten things up & I found the characters very
intriguing. Two thumbs way up!”

This particular review was mine, but still, I really enjoyed it and
I’m never wrong – except for that one time but ssshh…we won’t talk
about that right now – hee hee.

If a darker or more sexual fantasy is what you’re craving, well, you
gotta buy this chapter first because J has promised some sizzling
follow-up chapters and I, for one, can’t wait for them.

Come on – be one of the cool people and buy Bedevilled by J.
Emberglass – available only at Freya’s Bower (


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