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Hard Time
by D.J. Manly
Extasy Books

M/M Contemporary Romance

David works in a prison teaching prisoners to read. His step father isthe warden and they live just outside the electrified fence. Davidusually doesn’t see prisoners in a sexual way until Elliot Law isincarcerated at the Maximum security facility and assigned to him as hisassistant. Elliot Law is a murderer, at least that’s what his filesays, and David knows he should fight this attraction he has for him.But Elliot Law claims that he’s been framed for a murder hedidn’t commit, and suddenly, incredible circumstances allow Law toescape. He takes David as a hostage, insisting that David help him provehis innocence. David is at the same time terrified of him, and drawn to him. To David, Elliot Law is a murderer with the face of an angel, and the heart of a monster…or is he?



David was falling into those eyes.

“Tell me you believe me,” he said softly, placing his hands on David’s shoulders and moving them down his arms. He pulled him closer so that his chest was crushed against his. Elliot’s arms moved around his waist, his hands sliding down to his ass. “Do you know how badly I’ve wanted to kiss you, something I would have never had the chance to do if…David,” he said, lowering his mouth to his.

The first contact of his lips on his was like a jolt of electricity. Elliot’s lips smothered his, his tongue moving along the seam, demanding entrance to his mouth. David was suddenly like a man possessed. He lost all thought, all reason. He whirled Elliot around and pressed him against the wall, opening his mouth and devouring his. He pulled off the t-shirt he’d given him back at the house and let his hands soak up the sensation of feeling the smoothness of his chest, the stiff peaks of his luscious, brown nipples. He hummed out his pleasure as he tackled Elliot’s pants, practically ripping them down over his hips as a hand settled in his hair, urging him onto his knees.




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