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My sexy, playful first book with Siren Menage Amour, Jasmine’s Urban Cowboys, is now number four on the Menage Amour Bestseller List! Here is a Menage Excerpt for your reading enjoyment.

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After a nightmare divorce, Jasmine is ready to celebrate. That night, with sex on her mind, she meets two attractive men. What should she do?
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Menage Excerpt

Am I certain I want to have sex simultaneously with two men?

No, that was why she sought courage though the bottle. She sniffed the sweet pungent odor of Amaretto Disaronno. First, she took a sip, then a slug, much more than she was used to drinking. The ensuing warmth of the first sip as it ran down her throat and coated her tummy brought a bit of comfort.

The doorbell rang and her stomach lurched. She downed the remainder of the amaretto and went to the door. She peeked through the peephole. There they stood, wearing cowboy hats.

Her mind and heart might have been panicked, but her pussy juices flowed like liquid fire at the idea of having sex with the two gorgeous men standing on her porch. She steeled her resolve, put on her warmest smile, and pulled the door open. In stepped Gabe, holding what had to be two dozen mixed roses in a beautiful vase, followed by Ted with two bottles, one red and one white, of Louis Jadot wine.

Pleased, she took the vase from Gabe. “Wherever did you find these at this hour?

With the flowers between them, Gabe removed his hat and gave her a sample of what was to come by leaning over and planting a passionate kiss on her lips. “It wasn’t easy, but Uncle Ted told me of an all night florist he knew about.”

“Well, thank you, Gabe.” She looked at Ted. “And thanks to you, too, Ted, for the wine.”

Gabe had swung to the side and had a hand on her ass, massaging it. Her nervousness dissipated in favor of restless desire. After removing his hat, Ted stepped up to her, careful not to crush the bouquet, and gave her a kiss. Then he raised his hands, a bottle in each.
“Where do you want these?”

“Oh, the kitchen. Let’s go in there.” She turned around and led her prospective lovers to the other room where she set the flowers on the island.

While she dug through a drawer for a corkscrew, Ted set the bottles down beside her. “Lovely home you have here, Jaz.”

“Thank you. It was my payback for four lousy years of marriage. Here’s the corkscrew.” She handed it to him. “Would you…?”

Following a super-sensual smile, he took it and bowed.. “Anything for you, milady.”

She noticed Gabe pick up the Disaronno. “It appears our lady friend started partying already, Ted.”

Ted glanced past her at Gabe and smiled. “Hoping for a little intestinal fortitude?”

She nodded.

Her heart beat faster as he put his arm around her and dragged her closer. “Don’t worry, we’re all going to have the time of our lives.” He pulled his arm away and lifted the bottles of wine. “Red or white?”

“Amber.” Ted’s apparent confusion led her to elaborate, “I think I’ll stay with the amaretto. I don’t think wine would be good on top of a liqueur.”

Gabe’s arm slipped around her. “Here you go, Jaz.” He handed her the refilled snifter. Pulling her close, his warm breath in her ear made her toes curl as he whispered, “It’s your celebration. What would you like to do?”

She knew where she wanted to end up, but she wasn’t sure where to start. “Ahh…Ahh…”

It was obvious she didn’t have a clue, so after Ted handed Gabe a glass of red, standing behind her, he wrapped his arms around her. “I have an idea. We all need to get undressed, so why don’t we put on some music and you can perform a strip tease for us and then we’ll strip for you.”

It sounded like a good way to start, but she didn’t think she could strip first.

“All right, but we’ll start with both of you putting on a show for me.” She took her snifter and waltzed into the living room. “Follow me.”

She went to the stereo, her men on her heels. “What song would you like to strip to?”

Gabe started going through the CDs in earnest. “These all seem too slow and romantic. Wait a minute. This one will do just fine. You go sit down and enjoy the show.”


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