PROMO: New Jan Release for Qwillia Rain

I was lucky enough to both end one year and begin another with the release of two books.

My first book, Santa’s Elf, came out on December 18th through Loose Id. The second book, the first one I actually contracted, Meeting a Neighbor’s Needs was released through Dark Eden Press at Midnight–1/1/08! So I got to ring in the new year with my new book.

Here are blurbs to describe each and the links to the publishers

*Santa’s Elf
Available from Loose Id


Have you ever wondered if Santa has a naughty side? What kind of behaviors could take the “saint” out of Saint Nick? Is it possible “sugar plums” aren’t the only kinds of visions dancing through this sexy Mr. Kringle’s head?

After three years of unrequited love, and steamy fantasies, Elfina “Elf” Jeffries has just about given up on gaining her boss’s attention. How was any self-respecting woman supposed to seduce a man who was oblivious to her cues? Then the first gift arrived…

Every Santa needs an Elf, and Dayton Kringle is no exception. His offer for a temporary affair, just long enough to get from Christmas Eve to New Year’s, will satisfy a three-year craving. Introducing his Elf to the delights to be found in bondage, a firm spanking, and submission, Dayton is determined to keep his emotions in check. But as he comes to terms with his
need for her, he determines walking away from his Elf was the last thing he wanted.

For toy manufacturer Dayton “Santa” Kringle, it’s a simple design.

One Sexy “Elf”

Twelve Gifts

A little spanking

Some light bondage

And ten days of no-strings sex

Equals One *Very Satisfied* Santa

*Meeting a Neighbor’s

*Available from Dark Eden Press*


*”Never tease a neighbor…you may get more than you bargained for.”*

When Gina moves into her new apartment there’s more to admire than just the view. Sexy neighbor, George fuels quite a few of her fantasies before the wild child in her slips free and taunts him into making a move. Following a night of unimaginably great sex, Gina embarks on a series of erotic adventures with her neighbor, each one more risky than the last.

During a particularly “special” weekend, George introduces Gina to an acquaintance, Garrick, whose interests match their own. Together, Gina, George and Garrick discover a bond unlike any in their pasts and needs only the three of them together can meet.

*Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, ménage a troiś, multiple partners, bondage.*

Feel free to go check my books out!! Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Qwillia Rain
“Santa’s Elf”~~December 18, 2007 Loose Id
“Meeting A Neighbor’s Needs”~~ January, 1, 2008 Dark Eden Press
“In A Lover’s Silence”~~Dark Eden Press

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