PROMO: Mumia Abu-Jamal’s commentary on Randy Kearse’s book Changin’ Your Game Plan

Family and Friends,

Please take a minute and click the link below to listen to the commentary given by Mumia Abu-Jamal for my book Changin’ Your Game Plan! How to use incarceration as a stepping stone for SUCCESS.
Many of you are already familiar with the name Mumia Abu-Jamal, a man who has been on death row in Pennsylvania for over 25 years. A man who proclaimed his innocence from day one. He is probably one of the last true political prisoners left in this country. He’s a world wide respected journalist and an advocate for social justice around the world.
The commentary is 3:19 min.
And for anyone who doubts the authenticity of this commentary click this link and read the text version on Mumia’s web page
Also check it at
Randy Kearse

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