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Payment Due
by D.J. Manly

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On the night of his high school prom, Ryder made a hasty promise, a promise he barely remembered until a beautiful and mysterious stranger comes to collect on it.

Ace Belmont collects debts. He’d been enslaved to the task since he’d lost his soul years before. He is hoping each collection he makes is the last so that he can finally end it and atone for his sins.

When Ryder sees Ace, all he knows is he wants to run his hands all over this masculine vision of beauty in front of his eyes. What he doesn’t know is he’s about to have the sex of his life with someone who looks like an angel but who might well be the devil himself.

What starts out as a night rich with tantalizing anticipation will sweep Ryder away to sexual heights he’s never known, but will wake him up to a horrible reality…a reality which torments him with sexual obsession and forces him to fight for his own soul…a reality which will take him
closer to evil than most mortals will ever come.

Payment is due…and the price will be far higher than either of them could ever imagine.



The sleek sports car was shiny metallic red, and this guy drove so fast that everything outside the tinted windows seemed a blur. The car screeched to a halt, and the passenger door swung open. The stranger stood there, his hand extended. Ryder took it, feeling a little dazed.
“Where are we?” He looked around him. It was dark. There were no streetlights. He squinted, his eyes barely making out a large, concrete condominium.

The man released his hand and began to walk — no, he began to strut — ahead of him. A guy who looked that good had earned the right to strut. Ryder watched him, fascinated. The man’s long, shiny black hair billowed out behind him as Ryder followed behind a perfect, hard ass
encased in black leather.

Ryder was ushered into a hallway and in the direction of the elevator. He didn’t have time to ask himself what in hell he was doing here following this stranger. He had lost all common sense, all rational thought. All he could do was think about how hard his cock was and how he would have done just about anything to touch this vision of masculine beauty before his eyes.

They got off the elevator and walked down a silent hallway. A key slid into the lock and the door opened. The lights turned on. Ryder was suddenly surrounded by luxury. A sunken living room, wall-to-wall frieze carpets, leather furniture. “This is very nice,” he managed, his gaze scanning the room.

“Yes,” came the answer, “but then, you don’t really care, do you?”

Ryder blinked, looking over at him. He stood against the wall, his well-muscled arms folded across a chest half exposed in that expensive, silk shirt. It was a sin to look that good.

“Interesting choice of words,” he whispered.

“What? I didn’t say anything.”

“Yes, you did.”

“Hey,” Ryder said, moving closer to the table and pointing at the laptop, “that’s me… There’s a picture of me on your computer.”


“Where did you get it?”

“It was given to me.”

“By whom?”

“Your father is a public figure.” He shrugged. “Your image is readily available.”

Ryder narrowed his eyes. “Yes, but where did you get it?”

He ignored the question. Instead, he said, “I can smell the sex on you, the desire.”

Ryder sucked in some breath, embarrassed. “I thought you wanted to, ah…talk?”

“I do,” he said, his voice silky smooth. “But if we did, you wouldn’t really hear me, would you?”

He couldn’t argue with that. Talk was the last thing he wanted right now. “Who are you?” He felt confused all of a sudden. “I don’t even know your name.”

“Ace. Ace Belmont.”

“Suits you.” Ryder smiled. He’d never experienced this type of weakness before. There was something scary about it, scary yet strangely exhilarating. “What do you do?”

“I’m a collector.”

“Oh, really.” Ryder looked around him. He was trying to keep his voice steady. “What do you collect?”

“Debts, I collect debts.”

Ryder laughed. “You’re a bill collector. What company do you work for?”

He smiled. “I’m a…an entrepreneur of sorts.”

“Where did we meet?”

Ace pushed himself off the wall. “I never said we’d met. If we had, you would have remembered.”

“I dare say,” Ryder murmured, feeling something deep inside of him start to quiver as Ace moved closer. Ryder’s gaze moved down the man’s chest to his groin. “I still don’t understand –“

“You will. All in good time. Do you find me beautiful, Ryder?”

Ryder nodded, swallowing the lump in his throat. “You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.”





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