PROMO: Keeley’s Curse – werewolf – October 15th release

Hi all! Here is the blurb and excerpt from my upcoming book – Keeley’s Curse to be released on October 15th! It’s the perfect Halloween treat!


What if you learned that you are descended from a long line of magically gifted females plagued by a demon curse? What if you learned of prophesy that tells of a strong sorceress mated to a wolf that will defeat the demon and end the curse? What if you learned YOU are that sorceress?

Keeley is a young woman with magical talents. When her beloved grandmother is murdered, she returns to her hometown of Blue Springs, Kentucky. There she reunites with her former lover, Alex – a man she has tried to forget. After denying her love years before, he now demands that she let him back into her life and her bed.

Alex’s sexy, dominant personality is more than she can resist and as she learns more about her own legacy and power, she also learns of his. Alex is a strong alpha male who is determined she be his mate. As the love and lust between Alex and Keeley heat up, so does the evil brewing in Blue Springs.

It comes down to a battle between good and evil. Demon against sorceress and wolf. She’s in a fight for her life, her family and her wolf. Bring it on.


I looked at him through the large windows. The light wasn’t on, but the clusters of candles illuminated the room enough to see. I imagined what I looked like – naked with only the short silk robe for cover – bathed in candlelight. For a brief rebellious moment, I wanted him to see me, to desire me after he so callously rejected me years ago. Not that I wanted to go there again, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to want something he couldn’t have, for once.

I realized such thinking was petty and I was a better person than that. “Yeah, right,” I snorted. I wasn’t going to forget how he hurt me, but I didn’t need to hurt him back. Right? No, it was better to keep things casual. Besides, he wasn’t going away, I acknowledged ruefully.

Gritting my teeth at his persistence, I defiantly glared at him but still walked to the door. My bare feet were warm on the hardwood and the thought crossed my mind that answering the door naked and barefoot was far too intimate and under-dressed for a man like Alex. What was I doing?

His gaze trapped me even as he stood outside, practically willing me to open the door. Then I noticed his eyes glowed and my heart skipped a beat. He looked like a predator. I told myself it was a trick of the light but apprehension filled me and I paused. He saw my hesitation and pressed a long hand to the glass.

“Let me in, Keeley.” His gravelly voice raked across my spine, demanding. My knees shook. The man would tempt an angel…or the devil. I took a deep breath and unlocked the door, knowing that even if I didn’t, it wouldn’t keep him out.

I turned my back on him as he entered, not ready to face him and honestly I was a bit intimidated. He looked dangerous and predatory — like he wanted to back me up against a wall and fuck me. The thought made my breath shallow.

Sophia Danu


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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