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Urban Myth
As peace between humans and vampyre crumbles, Taina Bates trains to become one of the Hunters. Her strength increases with each day, the scrapes and bruises like badges of courage. The drive to fight rages inside her.

Rayan Slade — half sympath, full vampyre and certified assassin for the Alliance of Human Protection Services, is called to train the new blood — SEALs, Green Berets and one lone female. Except the female is the only woman he has ever loved, the one he¢d left years ago when the cravings became unbearable, when he feared draining her in his need for the energy that fed him.

From Just Erotic Romance Reviews:
…”Give me a book that mixes the paranormal with an ass kicking female and I will be in heaven. Reading Urban Myth provided more than enough of the two and threw in some fantastic erotica.. Plenty of action, sex, and emotion made Urban Myth a must read”.
-Stacey Landers, JERR

From Two Lips Reviews:
…”Urban Myth is a sexy, fast-paced read that¢ll have your head reeling with the speed in which things happen.
-Kerin, Two Lips Reviews
From A Romance Review
If you are looking for a kick-ass heroine, one who won¢t let the guys defend the realm, plenty of sex and action, Urban Myth may just be the read you have been looking for.
-Reviewed in November 2007 by Donna,
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Urban Legend
The Council Of Vampyre refuses to believe one of their kind would willingly turn humans into monsters. They will not update the vaccine that can prevent this turning, nor will they allow humans to access the raw components so they can modify the chemical bonds themselves.

Nick Cain has pushed his body to superhuman strength ever since he was attacked and nearly drained by an amorous female vampire. When he is tasked to physically hack into a lab in San Francisco, he doesn’t expect to rescue the lushly built Vampyre keeper of the vaccine, nor does he except his sharp attraction to her while they race across the state.

Vampyre Valentina Ash has not been raised to trust a human. The man who rescues her floods her senses – and with her yearly need rising, its hard to focus that he is still human, that he cannot be trusted, that he’s the enemy. And as he saves her from death and blood dust, the hunger that envelopes them both may lead them to the ultimate destruction.
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Urban Fantasy
Over a century ago, Hanako — a descendant of the Hunters — fell in love with a vampyre. Over a century ago, Hanako — too weak to kill the one she loved — poisoned her lover¢s blood. Over a century ago, Hanako — tricked into mixing vampyre and Hunter blood — had lost her burn, her strength, her courage. She lives today, fighting for duty she had sworn to uphold, killing vampyres who prey on human blood; her sword and burning poison as her only allies.
Amidst a fragile peace among the vampyres and humans, Jakob Grey must apprehend a vampyre killer. The woman he must stop is dangerously beautiful — and his lover from a life long past. The cherry blossom scent of her arousal teases his senses as their clash of swords turns into a battle of desire. But as forgotten love blooms once again, a hunt for ancient blood threatens to break the bond between the Hunter and vampyre.
From Just Erotic Romance Reviews:
“…a spellbinding tale with unforgettable characters and pulse-pounding action that kept me on the edge of my seat. These are some of the best action scenes I¢ve read. Ms. Jayde has become one of my authors to watch as I greatly enjoy her writing style and her ability to place the reader in the heart of the action.”
— Misa Noire, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
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