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I am Diane McEntire, and I would like to introduce you to the world of the Watchers. Our journey begins with Midnight Reborn, a story which stands true to its name. Not only does the first story of The Watchers series lay the groundwork for revealing the hidden truth in our society, it gives us an in-depth look into the lives of two people and their struggle to discover who they are and what they need in their lives. A search of the heart, soul, and mind could lead to a new life, a rebirth, for them both.

Trigg is a Watcher, a vampire warrior, assigned to the Cell in Louisville, Kentucky to protect humans and civilian vampires from the merciless killings of rogue vampires. Only two things matter to Trigg─hunting rogues and being left the hell alone. Being an only child, he is used to being alone, his self-imposed solitude successful in building a thick wall around his heart.

Robyn Andrews steps off a bus from Texas and on to the rainy streets of downtown Louisville, and threatens to break down that wall. New thoughts and feelings pull at him, causing him to question all he thought he had under control.

Life in Texas held four years of hell for Robyn, under the thumb of a homicidal drug runner and watching her mother wither away in both mind and body until the woman breathed her last breath. The horror of that time was like something straight out of Sixty Minutes.

A chance to run brings her to Louisville and into a world she never dreamed existed. Vampire warriors, killer vampires, and vampires blending among society with people, humans, being none the wiser.

A girl on the run, with no family and no money, but a heart full of hopes and dreams of starting a new life, and a vampire with a job to do and content on carrying out that job and his life alone, shakes up the dust in the Cell. The tension runs thick from what Trigg’s body and heart wants and what his head says. What could possibly come from a relationship between a vampire and a human?

Danger has a way of making one stop and review their life, and danger surrounds the two at every turn. Rogues on the prowl and Robyn’s past having made its way to Louisville pushes them both to their limits. Will feelings of the heart prevail or will Trigg recreate the wall he stood behind for over seventy years and walk away?

Follow the story and see why one reviewer stated Midnight Reborn “pulls at your heartstrings,” Breia Brickey – ParaNormal, while others speak of the emotion and intense drama that will keep you riveted in your seat, and know this is only the beginning.

Turn the page…
Surrender your heart.

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Diane McEntire
Midnight Reborn – The Watchers, Book One


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