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By Selena Kitt

Length: Novel (38101)

Category: Anthology

Heat Level: eXcess 2

Price: $4.99


Mother Earth is one hot, sexy Mama, and in this tribute to nature and the environment, Selena Kitt pays homage to her beauty, her grandeur — and her conservation. Who else could tackle topics like global warming, strip mining, animal endangerment and environmental toxicity, all while making it hot, hot, hot?

This anthology includes six sexy and environmentally provocative stories that will rock your world—and arouse and raise more than your environmental awareness. Stories included: The Break, Cry Wolf, Genesis, Law of Conservation, Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice, Paved Paradise


By Vivian Vincent

Length: Novella (16018)

Category: Menage,

Heat Level: eXcess 2

Price: $3.99


In this retelling of the popular fairytale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Locke Golding is fresh out of high school when she meets sexy museum security guard, Seth Beare.

He takes her out for coffee then they head back to his fishing cabin where things really begin to heat up between the two of them.

The morning after their passionate lovemaking, Seth turns cold. Locke feels rejected and confides in Seth’s brothers, twins Andrew and Michael. Little does Locke know that the brothers–all three–share their women…


By Sabb

Length: Short Story (13510)

Category: Gay Male

Heat Level: eXcess 3

Price: $2.99


Konan, the Great Barbarian, was once a young and naïve virgin in the ways of men, though he was always cunning and brave. How he came to grow to be a giant of a man and a great lover of men is a story lost in the ancient past that only he can tell.

Here he tells us of the youthful foolishness and bravery that led him to the place that was the perfect one for him to discover his true nature in. And it was the cure for the injuries he suffered in arriving there that was the cause of his later massive size and strength.

The Great Barbarian, Konan, became who he was because of his own great courage and compassion, not by his simple barbarian birth. And here he tells you that story.

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