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eXcessica new releases

By habu
Length: Novella
Category: BDSM, Gay Male
Heat Level: eXcess 4
Price: $3.99

Young, naïve and enticing, Kevin is driven by curiosity in alternate lifestyles and finds himself smitten by hunky Doug—and more, is willing to be taken by him. But what Kevin doesn’t know is Doug has only seduced Kevin to provide a virgin for the satanic “rejuvenation” ritual of a coven mastered by the rich and hugely endowed Donatien.

Still driven by his attraction to Doug, Kevin schemes time and again, in a spiraling vortex down toward despair, to pull Doug from the clutches of the coven and to escape Donatien’s obsession with possessing him. Will both Kevin and Doug be sucked into hell on earth, or will they eventually find a way out of the whirlpool together?

By Varian Krylov
Length: Novella
Category: Romance
Heat Level: eXcess 4
Price: 3.99

When a typhoon destroys their boat, three scientists are stranded on an unpopulated island off the coast of Madagascar. As the weeks and months pass, it gets harder and harder for Derek to resist Cat’s seductive advances. Cat, sensual, spontaneous, hungry to experience every thrill, every sensation. Cat, a virgin ten years younger than he. Cat, his kid sister…

By Gabriel Daemon
Length: Novella
Category: Erotic Horror, Paranormal, Fantasy
Heat Level: eXcess 4
Price: 3.99

In this dark retelling of a classic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel are twins living in the rural town of Brimstone, at the mercy of their selfish and manipulative mother. Desiring to be free of the burden of caring for children who have come of age, Mother concocts a plan to abandon them far from home. But Hansel and Gretel are crafty and resourceful, prompting Mother to be even more devious. However, the twins find refuge at Ginger’s Diner, a refuge which quickly becomes a prison. Held captive by a vile witch, Hansel and Gretel realize there is only one way to escape, a way which will change their relationship forever…

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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

Founder and Owner of author personal and virtual assistant. Editor and reviewer for #altread since 2005.

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