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By Varian Krylov

Length: Short Story

Category: Menage, Historical

Heat Level: eXcess 4

Price: $2.99


Long ago and far away, Lord Melchior ruled over his lands and his serfs with an iron hand. Taken from their homes at the cusp of adolescence and brought up in strict segregation, the boys and girls of his realm learned total obedience and rigid chastity. But when naïve Zaccheus and Rasha were chosen to serve their master in his castle, they soon discovered that one of Lord Melchior’s greatest pleasures was forcing his innocent young servants to violate the very laws he himself has imposed on them all their lives.

By habu

Length: Super-Novel

Category: Anthology

Heat Level: eXcess 3

Price: 5.99


What gay male can ever forget his first full-blown sexual experience—a particularly memorable first time, given the conventions of society? The first time can be the culmination of long-held frustration, or completely casual and come as a complete surprise. It can be traumatic or sought; imprisoning or releasing, disappointing or far beyond the wildest dream. First times can be prearranged or ritualistic; spontaneous or unexpected by both parties. The first time could have been instigated by a predator, a new lover, or a savior, or even by the first timer himself. The situation and venue can be sordid or off-the-cuff convenient, or might involve silken sheets, candles, champagne, prolonged seduction and foreplay.

But for most men, the one thing it cannot be is forgotten.

This anthology provides a treasure trove of thirty-five short stories of separate, varied “first time” gay male experiences, from the stalked to long anticipated, from the romantic to the
brutal, for the young or not so young. The one central theme of all of these stories, however, is the experiences depicted all result in the beginning of a new lifestyle, not the ending of a world.

By Selena Kitt

Length: Short Short

Category: Lesbian, Historical

Heat Level: eXcess 2

Price: 0.99


Did you ever wonder what started the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues? Check out this naughty version of Romeo and Juliet – you’ll be surprised and delighted by this twisted Bard’s tale!

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Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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