PROMO: Excerpt: Irish Dreams by Michelle Hasker

Have you ever had a dream so vivid with a stranger you wished you could find the man of your dreams and see if he can live up to the fantasy? Well, Eryn is able to live that dream in Irish Dreams by Michelle Hasker now available through Loose-ID Publishing.


Sex therapist by day, erotic lucid dreaming sex kitten by night, Eryn can’t understand the driving need to find her dream lover. Sure the dreams are hot, and the man is even hotter, but as a modern woman, she’s not supposed to allow hormones to rule her.

When a trip to Ireland brings her face to face with the man of her dreams, though, she throws caution to the wind and submits. But what happens now that it’s no longer a dream?


Warm, wet lips placed openmouthed kisses along her bare back, all the way down to the top of her thong. Eryn sighed as his tongue slid under the satin and slipped along the material. With a moan, she spread her legs open, giving her nocturnal lover easy access to her soaking wet core. He slipped a finger under the strip of satin and nudged it to the side as she pushed up on her knees. Brendan slipped under her, his hair tickling her thighs as he moved between her legs.


His moan vibrated against her sensitive clit and sent a rush of fluids from her core.

She longed to hear his voice. Just the sound of his Irish brogue was enough to make her soaking wet. Hell, everything about him could arouse her to a fever pitch in less than five seconds. Just the thought of his long, thick shaft gliding in and out of her was enough to bring her to the verge of orgasm.

Eryn rolled over, sat up, and stripped out of her thong. She tossed it across the room and reached for her man. He came to her eagerly, so eagerly she knew his desire matched hers.

“I want it hard and fast. It’s been a while and I haven’t the patience to wait to feel you inside me.”

Brendan nodded and slid his hands up and down her smooth thighs. She’d shaved earlier, knowing he’d return to her dreams tonight. She hoped he’d like her little surprise. He snapped his fingers and several candles lit along the floor, surrounding the bed. Eryn glanced around in confusion, her passion forgotten for a moment.

“Where am I?”

Black silk sheets covered the largest bed she’d ever seen. Mirrors and thick black drapes covered the walls and ceiling. More candles flared to life all around the room as Eryn stared. He hadn’t touched the candles either time.

Boy, did she have a vivid imagination.

“You’re in my world now. You came to me this time.”

“Ca…came to you? I don’t understand. This is all a dream, isn’t it?”

“It’s as real as you want it to be, Eryn.” His deep voice sent shivers racing through her. It was a dream. She was safe, and she was with her lover. The man she wanted more than anything else.

“What I want is you.”

“You want what I can do for you.” His sigh tugged at her heart. Did he think it was just lust?

“That’s not true,” she whispered.

Brendan moaned and leaned forward. He captured her mouth with his. As he nipped at her lower lip, then teased her with his tongue, she melted against him, wrapping her arms around him. Eryn rubbed her naked breasts against his smooth, hard chest. His skin burned under her touch, the sensation sending tingles up her spine.

“Brendan,” she whispered, pressing her mouth to his neck as she pressed him down on the mattress.

She kissed and licked at him, enjoying his unique taste. When she reached a nipple, and bit gently, Brendan cried out and arched. For an instant, she swore she could feel his pleasure as if it were her own, then it was gone, to be replaced with a burning ache between her thighs that only he could put out.

“I need you. Desperately. No one else but you.”

Brendan moaned as he cupped her face. He brushed his lips over hers..

“Let me pleasure you,” he whispered, brushing his mouth over her mons. “I like your surprise. Did you do this just for me?”

“Yes.” Eryn shook her head as she realized, once again, she was allowing him to put her pleasure first. She pushed against him until he let her up.


“No. Tonight is for you. You doubt how I feel about you?” When he slowly nodded, she grimaced and continued, “Well, let me show you with actions instead of telling you with words.”

Brendan nodded, then reclined on the bed, propped up on one arm as he waited, watching her.

Eryn licked her lips as she eyed his shaft. In its resting state, his shaft was impressive, when fully aroused it was incredible in size. How she took all of him in her she’d never know, but right now she wanted to suck him to completion. She pushed him on his back and crawled over him.

She’d never thought of a penis as beautiful, but that was the only way she could think of to describe his cock. Except for delicious, mouthwatering, and delectable. She wrapped both hands around him, and leaned down to lick at the drop of precum glistening on the tip.

When he moaned, she sucked the head into her mouth and teased him with her tongue. She swirled her tongue around the tip and dipped it into the slit, tasting his salty essence.

Brendan moaned and fisted his hands in her hair. “Don’t stop.”

“Never,” she said, without releasing him. She knew he didn’t understand what she’d said, but he groaned, appreciating the vibrations her answer sent up his cock.

“Sweet Eryn.”

As she drew him in deeper and sucked on him, his breathing grew heavy and his fists tightened. Eryn worked him with her hands and mouth, first slowly, then more quickly as he made encouraging sounds.

“My Goddess. Oh. You have such a wicked mouth.”

Eryn grinned and sucked harder. She continued, alternately sucking and caressing his length with her hands. He was too large to take in all the way, but she wouldn’t dream him any differently.

“I don’t want to come in your mouth. I want to come in you, I want to feel your muscles tighten around me, milking every last drop from me.”

“This is my dream, and this time I’m going to be in control,” she said after she slid him out of her mouth.

Brendan hissed as his gorgeous shaft jumped toward her mouth.

“I want to suck you. I want you to come in my mouth and let me drink every last drop. When you come, I want you to know that it’s because I want you to. That I desire you.”

His moan was like music to her ears. “Goddess. I want it too. More than you could know. But I want to pleasure you.”

“This will pleasure me.”

Before he could distract her with more talk, she licked him from the tip of his shaft to his balls, under his heavy, full sac, and back up. Eryn moaned as she lapped at the precum, sucking on the tip of his cock, trying to draw more out of him.

“Eryn.” His moans and breathy gasps were such a turn-on, it became hard to not sit on him and ride him to completion.

She dragged her teeth along the ridge and elicited a long, low groan. When his body shuddered under her ministrations, she knew he wouldn’t hold out much longer. She worked on him, drawing her hands up and down as she suckled at him, his pleasure evident as his hands tightened in her hair and his body tensed.

“I’m. Going. To. Come,” he managed to say between ragged breaths.

At his confession, she increased the suction and squeezed him tightly in an attempt to drive him over the edge even faster.

“Eryn!” His shout signaled his release, and his cum filled her mouth. As she sucked out and swallowed every last drop, he moaned and shuddered under her.

Eryn sat up and released him as she licked her lips. She purred as she watched him slowly come down from the high she had driven him to. Pride filled her that she’d been able to make him lose control so completely.

“Has it seemed like so long since last night that you would greet me so eagerly?” He gasped as a final shudder raced through him.

“Yes.” She sighed, sad that he still seemed to doubt her. “I’ve missed you.”

“You’ve missed my talented fingers and tongue. You haven’t missed me.”

Eryn frowned at the tone of his voice. He sounded forlorn. Lost and miserable. Bright blue eyes met hers and held them. The pain in his eyes was enough to bring tears to hers. Blinking back the moisture, she studied him as he lay there on his back, chest still heaving.

Dark hair fell to his shoulders in thick waves, reminding her of a lion’s mane, but his chest remained surprisingly free of hair. Her subconscious couldn’t have conjured a more perfect man.

How would he take her this time? Even though she’d satisfied him, she knew it was only temporary. He had an insatiable appetite, one that matched hers.

“My turn to pleasure you. And since my cock is temporarily out of commission, I’ll have to use my mouth.”

“Brendan.” She reached out and cupped his cheek, rubbing her thumb over the coarseness of his facial hair. “You know this will leave marks on me.”

He grinned and winked. “I wish they would. I want you to remember me this time.”

“Remember you? How could I forget you? You’re the only man who makes me feel this way. You’ve ruined me for real men.”

“I am a real man.”

“Of course you are. While I’m in this dream world. But when the sun comes up, you are gone.”

Brendan frowned and looked down at the bed. “I would give everything I have just to hold you in my arms for real.”

“For real?”

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