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Here is an excerpt from Safe Word, available from Love You Divine for your summer reading pleasure! [B-)]

The dark man’s rugged good looks got his attention, especially how his eyes glowed from underneath his leather cap.

Gotta stay foc… The thought faded into the recesses of his mind as the black man grabbed him by the shoulders and stroked his arms.

“Come here, boy,” the man ordered in a hoarse whisper and pulled Corey to him, planting a hot kiss on his lips.

No, I have to… A wave of pleasure coursed through his body, thwarting the warning of his consciousness. He returned the black Master’s press, probing his mouth with his tongue. He reached for the man’s narrow waist.

“Not so fast, boy,” he breathed out, pushing Corey’s arms away.

“Master Darryl’s in control of you, now.” With surprising strength, he grasped Corey’s wrists behind his back and held him together with a large hand. Keeping his lips pressed against him, he reached with his free hand to the waistband of his chaps.

Corey heard a familiar clink of metal, one that he knew from years in law enforcement.

No, he thought in refusal rather than fear. Darryl paused, and Corey sensed a confused hesitation in him. Did I say that out loud? No! I didn’t, he realized with sudden confidence…and pleasure.

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