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Here is a preview excerpt from my intriguing new novel, Love and Seduction in Las Vegas. LSLV was released on July 9th by Bookstrand Ltd.

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The driver spoke. “Need a ride? Hop in. Jill, why don’t you get in back with Amy?”Jill opened the door stepped out, smiled coyly and hopped in back. I got in and before I knew it, I was being taken for a ride by… “Hi, I’m Babbet but everyone calls me Baby.” Her broad smile revealed perfect white teeth. “I’ll drop my sister and her friend off at the pajama party first, then I’ll take you wherever you want.”I chuckled.

“You’re very kind.” And hot. “Excuse me for laughing but my name is Bobby. Bobby and Baby sound a little strange together.”Baby peeled off the shoulder like had Loretta minutes before, and the tires screeched from the traction of pavement. Looking me up and down, Baby said, “I dunno, sounds kind of promising to me.”Baby was medium height and slight of build. She had warm brown eyes behind long lashes. Her light brown hair was tied at the top of her head, giving a fountain effect, enhanced by loose ringlets framing her pretty face. She’s coming on to me. Do something.

After Jill and Amy leave. “So how old are you, Baby?”
“I’m nineteen. I’m an education major at UNLV.”
“We have something in common. I go to UNLV also—Hotel Administration.”After dropping the partygoers off, Baby headed back in the general direction I had been hiking.
“Where to?”
“My Apartment. Drive toward Sandhill. I’ll give you directions from there.” Baby was thinking. I heard her sigh as she took a deep breath.

“You don’t have to go straight home. We could go somewhere?”
I knew it, she is coming on. I couldn’t help but smile.
“Like where?”
“We could get a drink,” she said, her voice quivering slightly.”I thought you were nineteen?”
“I have ID.” She asked hopefully? “Do you want to?”
Using her term, I said, “Sounds promising, but I better get home.”The smile on her face
morphed to consternation.

“So you have a girlfriend? Is that why you do don’t want to do something?”
“My girlfriend and I have an open relationship.”
“Wow! Really? What was your fight about?”
“I called her a whore?”Baby’s lips pursed and her eyebrows dipped.
“Why, is she one?”Studying
Baby, I watched for her reaction. “Not that I know of. For some reason, I was p*ssed because she f£cked my best friend.” Baby blanched.
“Sorry about the language. I have no reason to be mad, because it happened way before I met her, yet it ticked me off.”At my direction, she turned south on Sandhill Rd. I could tell she was thinking. “So how come you didn’t want to do something with me?”
“Turn here. That’s it. Pull over.”
She pulled in and shut the engine off. Baby half-turned toward me in her seat and lifted her right leg up, resting her foot on the console. She’d made her move; now it was my turn. Obviously the girl liked me. Should I give her a go? Why not? Baby was wearing a red bikini, a matching floral cover up and flip-flop sandals. Not much to take off. “I want to do something with you, all right. Just not get a drink.”She turned as red as her swimsuit. Desire and apprehension fought a battle
for her facial features. Taking a deep breath, obviously nervous, she squeaked, “What then?”She
knew well. She just wanted me to say it. I leaned over the console in her direction, and my hand journeyed the two feet separating us. My forefinger flittered through one of her ringlets. She closed her eyes as the back of my hand stroked her smooth cheek. She looked down but didn’t say anything as my fingers unbuttoned the lone fastener of her cover-up. As I pulled one flap of the garment to the side, I said, “Oh, I think you know what I want to do with you.” She closed her eyes once more. I moved the other flap of the garment.

“And you want me to do it. Don’t you?”

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