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Kissed by a Rose
is my latest novel. It’s the story of an ordinary student at a university on the south coast of England named Adam Smith and movie starlet Chloe Goodman, the latest in a long line of English Rose’s to grace the silver screen, who takes time off from acting to finish her

It’s taken over two years to go from when I typed the first words to publication and I have to say, I’m very proud of it. And even though it’s not available from Phaze until 1st of June, advance readers have already been saying good things about it. Lourenza Adlem said…

I want to congratulate you on a well-executed piece of craft and wonderful love story. I am impressed with your skill as a writer. The way you toy with the reader’s feelings about Chloe, is she using him, or is she not? It’s all very subtle and one is never completely sure. Adam is a brilliant character, I am half in love with him. 😉 The secondary characters are on scene in the right amounts and nobody behaves out of character. Every single one of your characters had the ring of truth and you make it all seem so effortless. It’s a very smooth reading experience.

As if that wasn’t goodenough fellow British author Barbara Elsborg said…

It’s a tightly written novel which explores the pressures of stardom and celebrity and keeps the reader guessing until the very end. The sex was steamy and got hotter and hotter. The well-rounded characters have you willing them to succeed from the word go and the pairing of innocence and experience, celebrity and normality, reality and fantasy is handled with deftness.

And Cassie Exline said…

Kissed by a Rose is a must read for the summer. This compelling tale, set on a British university, takes readers on a vivid journey of campus life with an unique twist. A movie star is introduced into the mix and the student body is rocked. The English Rose is greeted with awe and disdain. But Adam Smith opens his arms and heart to her. Will it be a kiss of death for Adam or will he be rewarded with a Kiss by a Rose?

Marc Nobbs heats things upby writing sizzling sex blended with tender moments. With his deftness for detail, he has a way of making characters come to life and leap off the page. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen next—you’re wrong. You don’t want to miss what happens between Adam and Chloe and their friends.

Throughout May I’ll be posting small snippets from Kissed by a Rose on my twitter stream . To catch them, just follow me or search twitter for the hashtag #KbaR
Apparently, Chloe(who’s a bit of a technophobe) and Adam (who’s not) have also been looking into getting a twitter stream – so watch out for them, you never know what they might say.

My personal blog will also carry some interviews with the characters from the book. I hear that Adam’s sister is a bit of a motor-mouth and the interviewer had to keep stopping her from giving away the plot.

And, on launch day,you might well find a very, very special treat on my YouTube pages (where you can currently view the book trailer). But I’m not giving away anything about that until the time comes.

Are you ready for “Kissed by a Rose” –His Power, His Pleasure, His Pain. Coming from Phaze, 1st June.

Marc Nobbs
Author of Contemporary Erotic Romance
Turning Romance on its head

“Kissed by a Rose” – His Power, His Pleasure, His Pain
A New Contemporary Erotic Romance Novel
1st June 2009
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