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The results are in…Chasing Booty made the #1 spot on the top seller list at Amber Quill (Amber Heat titles) for the month of May!!! Want to know why? Would an exciting blend of science fiction and erotic romance peak your interest? Does a strong woman with a gun and an attitude make you want to stand up, wave your fist, and yell, “YOU GO, GIRL!”? Could a devilishly gorgeous male from Sør-Trøndalag who’s on a mission to lure his nemesis to his bed make you melt to the floor in a quivering mound of unabashed need? Then you best take a peek at the excerpt below and find out what the rave is all about.


Author: Shannon Leigh

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-267-5

Genre: Science Fiction / Futuristic / Action / Adventure / Interracial / Multicultural

Heat Level: 3

Length: Novella (20k words)

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

Purchase URL:

Pg: 102


When cops can’t catch the most-wanted criminals, they hire Gaelyn. She comes from a long line of bounty hunters, including her father, uncle, and grandfather. Extensive training in weaponry, hand-to-hand combat, and adverse conditions have seasoned her into a formidable opponent against any contracted hit, whether male, female, alien, or human. She has little fear of the unknown and thrives on adventure.

Only one other hunter matches her status—Reese, a Trøndite from the small planet of Sør-Trøndalag in the Capricornus Sector. And the man has a knack for stealing her contracts. Both cunning and gorgeous, the mix doesn’t seem quite fair. But attractiveness holds little power over money. Reese had beaten Gaelyn out of a half-year’s pay a scarce three months ago, and she will be damned if he outwits her again.

Thinking she’s duped Reese back onto Jupiter, Gaelyn isn’t too happy when she runs into him on Quaoar at the Blue Moon, an authentic hole-in-the-wall bar tucked at the end of a narrow alley in what would be considered the rough part of town; just the place to find her contracted hit. But Reese not only has the information she needs to find her mark, he also has a business proposal that’s too tempting to pass up. And a partnership with Reese just might prove rewarding in a way Gaelyn never expects…



…With an air of “don’t-f#@&-with-me” in her step, she made her way toward him. “The bartender seems to think you can be of some assistance,” she declared, stopping a mere six inches to the left of the man’s seated frame.

He ignored her, choosing instead to take a long swig from his mug. Removing her laser from its holster on her left thigh, she plopped it onto the counter top. Her hand rested lightly on its black metallic shape, her finger hugging the trigger.


“I can take you there, for a price,” he replied, his deep voice a thunderous rumble within his muscular chest. Annoyed, she lifted her chin.

“Name it,” she practically growled. The man chuckled.

“It’ll be steep,” he warned. “Perhaps more than you’re willing to pay.”

Gaelyn’s patience wore thin. They wasted precious time. Is this guy gonna get down to business or what? Struggling to see his face beneath the shadowed hood, she leaned a little closer. “Look, buddy. I don’t have time for games. Either name your price or I’ll take my business elsewhere.”

He glanced at her, his onyx, deep-set eyes two bottomless black pits within his handsome angular face.

“I want half the booty. For starters.” Gaelyn’s breath caught in her throat. Reese. This wasn’t happening. He pulled back his hood, letting the heavy material fall onto his broad shoulders in a neatly folded pleat.

“Hello, Gael. It’s been a long time.” Her right fist doubled at her waist. With forced control, she resisted the urge to knock that superior smirk right off his handsome face.

“Reese,” she said through clenched teeth.

“I suppose you’re after the same hit.” He shrugged.

“It’s a sizeable payoff.”

“He’s my contract.” Warning laced her tone. Reese turned fully toward her, his massive frame almost comical atop the strained bar stool.

“Well now, seems we have a difference of opinion on that matter.” ***


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