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Rose to the Question is the next installment of King’s Wizards. The series is a fantasy/sci-fi/romance tale that gives home not only to Myn and Kai, but to Valentine and a new surprise character. In Rose Mage another character from The Pet showed up, but in Rose to the Question I was very surprised to find another character, the most surprising character has made into the city by the sea.

In ‘The Price of Guilt’ Kai nearly falls to his death, only to be saved by his best friend Keji.

‘Rose Mage’ has Kai and Myn admitting their feelings. Of course, they also save the king and free Poison from a life pod.

‘Rose to the Question’ finds out how far Myn will go to protect Kai as Kai faces the church’s highest priest, who could condemn him to a fait worse than death. Elfians have their pride though, maybe too much pride to take defeat even to save a loved one.

Come see my new covers and what trouble Myn and Kai can get up to now;

Rose to the Question

Rose Mage

Excerpt from ‘Rose to the Question’

Bound, pinned under Myn, Kai arched up under him, offering, begging for the same physical intimacy they’d had before the Night of Repast had caused such trouble.

“You are my bond,” Myn nearly begged, a terror rising in him that he’d lose this person, this only person that he’d opened to in his whole life. What parents he’d had had never made into the Human city by the sea. He’d been found little more than a toddler, playing with balls of fire and sitting in rubble just inside the wall. “You love me.”

“I do love you,” Kai said, slipping easily out of Myn’s fire bonds, shifting them again until he held the fiery Elfian on his lap, arms wrapped around him, holding him close, “I do love you, Myn, more than anything. The only love that even comes close to you is Reska.”

“You love that bird as much as you love me?” Myn complained, questioned, his head resting on Kai’s shoulder.

“Reska is my family,” Kai said speaking of his owl, “You are my heart, my soul, and when I come back from the temple, I will have completed my vow and I will be yours alone. All the darkness and pain, all of it will be gone. I will be free to live the future. I have guilt, Myn. I
don’t know how to explain, but I need to know it’s okay to have what I have with you, that I’ve paid.”

“You have already paid,” Myn said, a fist full of Kai’s thin cotton weave shirt in his hand. “If your soul were not clean and pure, you wouldn’t have woken the Rose Mage power.”

“Then I shouldn’t have any problem at the temple, right? I’ll go. I’ll tell Question I’m sure I didn’t jump and he’ll release me.”

“Will it be that easy?”

“I hope so.”

Sassy Brit
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