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Voices and Lies
Rock Hard Seduction 1

When Alicia Addison opens the door of Addison House to find the delectably sexy heartthrob, Derek Kadin, looking back at her with suitcases in hand, she sees all her wildest dreams coming true. Trouble is he doesn’t want anyone to know his true identity, not even Alicia. Fearing he’ll leave, she hides her knowledge of the truth, but as their relationship ignites both in bed and
out, the lies between them threaten to tear them apart.

Derek Kadin was looking for an escape when he reserved a room miles from home at the Addison House B&B. What he hadn’t expected to find was a woman for his bed, but the minute he sees Alicia he knows that’s exactly where he wants her. When the casual vacation affair turns into more, Derek realizes she’s a woman he doesn’t want to let go. Can their relationship survive when secrets come out on both sides?

Picking Art
Rock Hard Seduction 2

Garrett Henry is accustomed to people recognizing him as the guitarist for the band Façade. But the cute little blonde stealing glances from across the bar catches his attention like no other. One look down her petite curvy body and he knows she’s way out of his league. Still, he finds himself drawn to her like a magnet.

For twenty-five years, Suzanne Cassidy has saved herself. Not necessarily for marriage but for the right man. Garrett Henry is far from her usual type but he has an innate beauty she can’t ignore. A short time with him and she knows she’ll give him her most prized possession…her virginity. But Garrett is a heavy metal star, a man with whom forever is not an option and forever is exactly what she wants. Will Garrett be willing to give up the band for her? Can Garrett find a way to have both the band and Suzanne?

And watch for Sports Beats and Magical Riffs, books 3 and 4 of this rock hard series!!

Tonya Ramagos
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