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Hello everyone. Tapestry of Dreams, my Anthology of eight stories ranging from vampires to time travel, is available now from MSFiction.
Here is the link: Also, check out Stardogs 2, Redemption, at Fiction Wise. My time travel story `Time Flares’, is part of the digest `Beyond the Stars’. Cliffs of Time and Orion, the Hunt are available now as separate releases. Find them all at
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Herbert Grosshans
Science Fiction with a dash of Erotica

Excerpt from `Luugus’, one of the stories in `Tapestry of Dreams’:

Hunter leaned back into the furs the chief’s daughter had provided for him. It was a quiet night. The eerie green light of one of the three moons of Omega falling through the entrance of the hut illuminated the interior. The old chief sat in darkness, a shadow among shadows, Even his voice seemed to come from far away.

“It is the night of Luugus, stranger from another world. Beware, things may not be as they seem.” He spoke the Terran language with hardly an accent.

The Earthman reached for one of the chewing sticks the old man offered him. It tasted sweet and pungent when he bit into it. “I don’t quite understand what you are talking about. Who is Luugus?”

“Luugus.” The chief’s voice came out in a whisper. “The largest of the four moons. When he shines, strange things may happen. Secret dreams and wishes can come true.”

A shadow darkened the entrance for a short moment. Hunter looked up at the slender form of the chief’s daughter who slipped in and sat down among the furs. His eyes traveled over her nude body, lingered on her up-tilted breasts and came to rest on her face. Long black hair spilled over her brown shoulders; her eyes were two deep bottomless black pools, and for an insane moment, he had the feeling he was looking into the empty blackness of space.

“You are familiar with our customs, Earthman?” she asked, her dark eyes looking into his.
He nodded, smiling in anticipation. She took the chewing stick from his hand and licked it with her tongue. “As the chief’s oldest daughter, I am yours tonight.” She took his hand. “Come,” she whispered.

He followed her out of the tent. They walked down a narrow dark trail that ended in a large clearing. The green light of the moon, which stood high above them, reflected in the dark water of a pond. The girl pulled him into the shadows of a tree and lay down on the soft vegetation. Her arms reached for him. He couldn’t see her face, but her eyes seemed to glow softly in the darkness.

“Come to me,” shewhispered.

He dropped to his knees beside her, bent to kiss her soft lips. They opened to his probing, and his tongue slipped into her mouth to taste the sweet spice of the chewing stick. Feeling her hand on his belly, he put his own on her breast.


Author: Sassy Brit, Author Assistant

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