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It’s snowing here again, but fortunately, there’s more than one way to get warm. Here’s a little excerpt from Starbound to keep you toasty.

On the starship Starbound, humans are enslaved by an alien race that uses them as sexual slaves. Four lovers –Jerod and Erlinn and Kev and Gem–dare to fight for their freedom to love as they please…

An excerpt from Starbound (warning–Adult!)

Kev drew in a sharp breath. The heat of Gem’s bare skin and her
voluptuous movements stimulated him in the one place where he didn’t need any stimulation. What he needed was release, the kind of release that came from burying himself deep inside her. He grabbed her chin and turned her face upward.

She pouted, daring him to kiss her. “Come on. You can’t deny you want me.”

Sweat broke out on his forehead. Her breasts pressed against his chest. He could feel her nipples hardening into taut peaks. His breathing quickened. He fought to suppress a groan. He had to get away from her for her own good, but he didn’t want to say anything to hurt her. How could he make her end it?

A thought struck him. “Maybe I do,” he admitted, “but you’re not willing to make a commitment to me, and Erlinn is.”

There. She wouldn’t have an answer to that, he knew. Like any normal woman on the starship, she wouldn’t want to stick to one man. With any luck, she’d back off. Not that he really wanted her to, but Erlinn needed his help.

“Love one, love all,” he added. “You need to forget me and do what the gods have commanded. By tomorrow you’ll be in bed with a different man. I’ll be a fading memory.”

The hurt look on Gem’s face made him wish he’d held his tongue. She tilted her head to one side and eyed him with a puzzled expression. “Ever since the gods took Jerod away, you’ve changed.

Why couldn’t she see what was happening on the Starbound? One part of him wanted to shake her, to make her understand. The other part wanted her to stay in her state of blissful ignorance, to continue on her merry way like everyone else, spending her days in an orgy of uninhibited lovemaking. Telling Gem anything about the plans for a rebellion that he was making with Erlinn would only get her in trouble. He didn’t believe for a moment that they could defy the star gods and get away with it, but he’d promised his crèche brother to try, and that was a sacred vow.

“Jerod didn’t want to become a sexual slave to the gods,” he said shortly. “Surely, you realize that.”

“Look, the truth is, Jerod’s a strange one. He was always talking about wanting to marry Erlinn. And now you’re moving in with her. What’s the big attraction?” Gem brushed her soft, red lips across the tip of his chin. “And don’t tell me you don’t like me anymore. I know better. I’m still glowing from the fucking you gave me an hour ago.”

“Sex and love are two different things.” He said it automatically. Another precept of the star gods.

Gem’s face fell, making him immediately regret his thoughtless words.

“I didn’t say anything about love,” she snapped, looking angry. “I said you could at least admit you like me.”

Like her? He almost exploded at that one. Stars! When he thought about her, he felt…
Great galaxies, what did he feel? His body ached with need and his heart kept doing weird back flips every time he looked into Gem’s eyes. What the hell was that about?

“What if I wanted to limit myself to you?” he blurted, then stopped, astounded at his words. Why had he asked that question? What if she agreed? What would he do then? He’d made a commitment to Erlinn, to the cause they shared. He’d better get out of this bed quick before he stuck his foot even deeper into his mouth.

Gem’s eyes widened in surprise. Then she grinned. “Fine with me, big boy. Go tell Erlinn to forget about moving in with you.”

What the hell. Now he’d done it. He was an idiot. Gem must be teasing him. He studied her face, baffled by her grin. He knew full well she had half a dozen males chasing her tail. After a long moment, he sighed. “I can’t do that.”

Anger flared in her eyes. She tossed her head. “Some days you’re not too bright.”

Kev tried to rise to a sitting position, sure she was about to ask him to leave. Instead, she looped her arms around his neck and pulled him back down beside her.

“Not so fast. You may be a big, dumb hunk, but you’re a sexy one. You can’t leave until you give me some more loving, ’cause I’m far from satisfied.”

Kev shook his head, but Gem slipped a hand between their bodies. Her hot fingers wrapped around him in a firm grip. Immediately he grew even harder, if that were possible. As she stroked him, the banked sensual fires of their lovemaking flared to blazing life again.

Jolted by her touch, he pulled her close and pressed her to his chest. She groaned with pleasure as his tongue slid through her lips to probe her mouth. He tasted the coffee they’d shared before tumbling into bed. Their breaths mingled while he slowly explored her mouth with deliberate sensual thrusts of his tongue.

Moaning, she arched hard against him, lifting her breasts toward his mouth.

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