PROMO: An excerpt from Diary of an Incubus by Tracey H. Kitts (PG-13)

This is an excerpt from Diary of an Incubus, an erotic paranormal romance by Tracey H. Kitts, available now at New Concepts Publishing.

“Of course. Like I was saying, I love clubs. There are so many different kinds of fear here. Fear of being alone, fear of never finding that special someone and falling in love.” As he spoke Alucard clapped his hands together and batted his eyes.
I laughed. “You’re sick.”

“This is true, but you find me attractive.”

He winked at me and I couldn’t fight back the smile. Still, I denied it. I mean, I wasn’t supposed to find the bad guy attractive. And Alucard was the bad guy … wasn’t he?

“What? How dare you?”

This time he laughed and I shivered again. I was beginning to learn that fear also made my heart race and if handled properly that was only a heartbeat away from arousal. How twisted was that?

“Deny it all you want. I can tell when you’re lying.”
“So my mother said.”
“Why are you here, Alucard?”
“Dance with me.”

I turned to order another drink. “I don’t think so.”

He leaned in close and whispered for my ears only, “Wouldn’t you like to know why her boyfriend is dead?”

“You knew about this,” I hissed.

“Dance with me and all will be revealed.”

He held out his hand and I only hesitated a moment before accepting his invitation. Fortunately, Brea was too drunk to be paying attention to any of this. She only gave us a sideways glance as we walked onto the dance floor before turning back to her rum.

“Did you kill James?”

He twirled me around and pulled me close. Despite our height difference, my high heels made it possible for us to dance with relative ease. I wish I could deny that it felt good to be pressed against him. But he knew that it did so why bother lying to myself?


He watched me for several minutes before saying anything else. I took the opportunity to observe him more closely too. I couldn’t help myself. He put his hands on my hips as we moved and I liked it. His touch was possessive, yet gentle. And the more I was near him, the more I wanted his hands on me. The top few buttons on his shirt were open and I moved my hand to touch that small expanse of flesh. I shuddered at the contact and so did he. Skin against skin, it was so wrong, so sinful to touch him. He was the monster underneath my bed and all I wanted to do was pull him under the covers with me. Every move, every smile, every subtle gesture spoke to me. And they all said, “I want to do bad things to you.”

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