PROMO – A Second Chance: Tarot – King of Cups (PG-13) & Dark Hope (PG-13)

Good morning. Please allow me to tease you with my upcoming release A Cry in the Night: Tarot – the Tower, due to be released October 31, 2007.

On all Hallows Eve, when the veil between worlds thins, the creatures of the night come out to play. On this Halloween, A Cry in the Night will rival howls. The rise of the full moon casts its lunacy upon the realm of man. The Were feel the pull, fight the madness and pray for help. When A Cry in the Night falls on the ears of one vampire, Talen steps from the dark. Can the best of the Gatherers intercede and rescue Liana before the lunacy devours her very soul and the coldest of the Hunters pulls the trigger?

Next, I hope you enjoy the two excerpts below the story and character introductions for my previous release.
Paula Calloway


A Second Chance: Tarot – King of Cups
(Series, Tarot, Science Fiction, Paranormal)

Story Introduction

A rogue mage disliked by his people for his kind and just ways, his talent for diplomacy unmatched, Tarmathian maneuvers what he wants where he needs.

Her gift able to kill or heal when manipulating the forces around her, Anesya holds unleashed and undeniable power and is possibly the last of her kind. There are no exceptions to the rule everyone deserves a second chance at love and, when given such, Tarmathian and Anesya discover it takes two to fill a cup of love.

The Hero

Six foot six, well-muscled and roguish, Captain Tarmathian is a mage with a cool, pale blue-tinted complexion, pale lavender gray eyes and stomach length platinum hair.

The Heroine

Five foot four, shapely and untrained, Anesya is a healer with a warm pink-tinted complexion, dark blue eyes and hip length soft black hair.

** RELEASED 2005 **
A Second Chance: Tarot – King of Cups
Tarot Series, Science Fiction, Paranormal

4 cups from Coffee Time Romance
4 angels from Fallen Angel Reviews


Born to a loving people and enduring the long training process required to teach her to use her gift, Anesya is suddenly ripped away by a cruel man, her incomplete training a death sentence.

Gifted since birth with spectacular powers and a caring heart his people never intended he have, Tarmathian turns his back on them to make a difference in a realm where caring and tolerance require calm, diplomatic tactics.

Brought together by circumstances and standing united, the couple attempts to save their dying races. Exploring beyond the veil of magic into the realm of souls, they discover it takes two to fill a cup of love.

Sometimes all love needs is a second chance.


* lost *

(Setting – Tarmathian just rescued Anesya from certain death at the hands of a slaver and brought her to his ship.)

Not all hope is lost for time and care will restore her beauty. He slipped behind her and lowered his mouth to her ear, his voice soft, “I didn’t think you would enjoy such a fate. I’m Captain Tarmathian Nightsky. Welcome to the Bellatrix.”

“No, I wouldn’t.” Anesya shivered, but remained uncertain if the effect came from the caress of his warm breath or her knowledge of the horrible fate his kindness averted.

Tarmathian turned from the screen. “Come. I will show you where you can clean up and sleep.”

Distracted by the three other beings on the bridge, she studied the
creatures unlike any ever encountered. One had four arms and worked the helm control. Another with numerous eyes sat at the data study area. The expression of the delicate crystalline bi-pedal being at the intercom panel tugged at her soul.

The crystalzine proffered a sad, yet welcoming gaze.

Her attention held, Tarmathian eased behind her, his whisper soft, “He’s a crystalzine from the planet Crystalis. He’s living quartz crystal and is the last of his kind. I offered him safe passage on the Bellatrix.”

Anesya disliked the idea of anyone alone. She looked at the captain. “There are no others?”

“None to my knowledge. His desire is to travel in hopes of finding just one of his own.” Tarmathian gazed down at the trembling nymph. “There are but a few of your kind as well.”

She denied his words. “I am from Luna.”

“We’ll talk in private after I take you to rest.”

Anesya looked from one creature to the other and settled her gaze on the living quartz crystal. “Most everyone on this ship is the last of their kind, aren’t they?”

The crystalzine nodded while his melodic voice chimed with softness, “Most all, yes.”

“Not me. My home is on Luna and I have a family.”

Tarmathian remained quiet. The revelation of the destruction of one’s world hard, the how and why remained far worse.

Anesya looked from one creature to the next. Their answer nothing more than to look away, she faced the captain. “Tell me I have a home.”


* ship-to-ship *

(Setting – Tarmathian stands on the bridge of the Bellatrix while his
brother confronts him from the bridge of an enemy ship.)

Tarmathian straightened. His displeasure concealed, he faced the view screen. “What can I do for you, lieutenant?”

Malerian sprang to his feet. “Don’t shove rank down my throat since you are no longer part of the task force and carry no legal status, Tam. Hell, you’ve been a maverick since you abandoned your post centuries ago. Besides it’s more what I can do for you, Brother. I came as an emissary from Surya.”

“I don’t need nor want Suryarian rank and leaving my post was the best thing I could have done for anyone not a murderous fiend living on Surya. When will you learn M is not the third letter of my name? Still on your knees, little brother? Since when did you ever do anything honorable?”

The lieutenant scowled. “I was never on my knees. To seek a hunted man, especially my own brother, is not rewarding. If you willingly come with me on the Aludra, they ordered me to leave your crew and the Bellatrix in one piece. Otherwise, we handle this the hard way. Please remember the anti-magic shield went into effect the minute our ships came close enough to activate it so you don’t have the upper hand in said area. By the way, they outfitted the Aludra to exceed the Bellatrix in an all-out conflict.”

His gaze never wavered as Tarmathian assessed the situation. Installed on all Suryarian ships, the anti-magic shield prevented other Suryarian ships from doing what the Lunarian nymph did to the Bellatrix from the Sirius. He expected the council to provide the pursuing leader a matched ship or sending someone after him would be stupid, which made the choice to fight foolish. The Bellatrix had a good crew, but the Aludra’s crew was more than likely battle trained. Flight was out since his opportunistic brother sought even the slightest chance to kill.

“Give me a moment, Mal.” Ever gentle, he laid his hand on the helmsman’s shoulder. “Do nothing, Jaswinder.” He walked toward the view screen. “My ship and crew will remain untouched?”


Dark Hope (Vampire, Paranormal, Romance) Story Introduction

A powerful vampire cursed by the dark of his own past, a heavy burden to endure, Nicholas is fascinated by the intriguing angel fate puts in his path. A blind witch filled with hope and gifted to see what others can’t, Angelique wishes only to see what others do. United under the protection of twin guardians, Matt and Zane, Nicholas and Angelique become ensconced in a battle for their lives and theirs worlds.

The Hero

Six foot five, broad shouldered and cursed with a painful past, Nicholas is a vampire with a dark tan complexion, brown eyes and shoulder blade length chestnut hair.

The Heroine

Five foot one, slender and blind since birth, Angelique is a witch with a tan complexion, sapphire blue eyes and hip length golden-blonde hair.

** RELEASED 2005 **
Dark Hope
Vampire, Paranormal, Romance

3 stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews
5 angels from Fallen Angel Reviews
4 hearts from The Romance Studio


Blind and cursed, Angelique Sterling finds herself drawn into a world she never knew existed. Cursed and powerful, Nicholas Von Buren finds himself easily influenced by the unexpected surprise of an alluring touch he feels.

Embracing each other, their self-proclaimed curses become gifts in the smoldering eyes of the other. Their souls swirling in a tempest of want and need, Angelique and Nicholas find something rare and unique.

Their time interrupted, their world threatened, this pair step forward to close the open door leading into a realm most fear to tread. Trapped between worlds with their fate in the hands of their powers, they become ensconced in a battle for their lives.

No matter how dark life seems there is always… hope.


* introduction *

(Setting – Nicholas invited Angelique into his home and, after ending up unexpectedly in his bedroom, intends to show him what for.)

Sun crept over the horizon. Bergamot and sandalwood filled her senses. A warm shoulder her pillow, Angelique opened her eyes and halted the caress of her fingers on his solid chest. When the stroke of his palm rubbed down her back, she hastily scrambled backwards. The fact his very presence disorientated her senses granted her an unexpected discovery of the bed’s edge. His hand seized her waist.

“Easy, sweetheart.” Nicholas drew her close, his hold secure until her composure regained. “You’re okay. Nothing happened.” He released her waist. “Nothing.”

She inched toward the edge of the bed, stood and faced him, her hands on her hips. “Why are you in the bed? Why am I in the bed?”

“It is my bed and I put you in it last night.” He grinned at her
frustration. “It was not me who crawled to the other side. I stayed on my side. You came to me.”

Angelique sensed his amusement at her predicament and frowned at his casual reminder. Unable to think of a retort, she carefully crossed the floor until her fingers discovered the wall. She debated the direction of the door.

“The bathroom is one foot on your left. Straight inside the door, turn right, two feet forward is the toilet with a paper holder one foot on your right, probably about waist high to you. Four feet straight forward from the toilet is the sink. A towel hangs on a small ring about a foot to the left. When you come back into the room, put your back against the end of the bed and walk forward six feet, you’ll find the hallway door. Come try,” Nicholas coaxed gently.

Reluctant, she obliged, relieved herself, returned to the room and sought the hallway door. She succeeded quite easily. “You give decent directions.”
Her retort haughty, she tossed her head so her hair splayed through the air. After all, he caused the ruckus.

He chuckled deeply. “Next time, I’ll walk you into a wall.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Angelique abandoned the room, her fingers and memorized steps her guide.

“Don’t temp me, woman.” Nicholas came to his feet and stealthily followed.

Successful in navigating the hall and crossing the carpeted living room without a stubbed toe, she welcomed the cool kitchen floor under her feet. With her hand extended, she located the counter and followed it. Something familiar, something she couldn’t place, compelled her and she lacked the strength to resist. She couldn’t deny his distraction of her senses. Halted by a solid wall of warm, bare muscle, she inhaled the faint scent of sage. Her heart thumped wildly. “Nicholas?” A male body leaned close.

Matt whispered softly, “Wrong person.”

A shudder raced through her veins. Angelique spun and encountered another wall of warm, bare muscle. Sweet grass assailed her nose. Her heart pounded to escape her chest. Tentative, she reached out her hand. “Nicholas?”
Another male body leaned close.

Zane spoke kindly, “Guess again.”

Terrified, her back against the counter, her hands cautiously extended to either side of her, she touched muscled stomachs and discovered the newest bodies in the house. Panic set in. “Nicholas!” Swarmed by his presence, she couldn’t focus on his location.


EXCERPT * piggy-back ride *

(Setting – Nicholas takes Angelique into the night.)

Nicholas ushered her through the sliding door and onto the dock where he slowly led her around the house. He stopped at the southwestern corner and pulled her to stand close, drew her back against his front and lowered his mouth to her ear. “I wish to ask you something.”

Angelique shivered at his deep inhale of her scent. “Hmmm?” She leaned against him and listened at the surf gently crash against the pylons that held the house above the waves.

His soft whisper cascaded around her ear, “What would you give to be able to see what I see?”

She raised her face to the evening sun. “I don’t know. I’ve been told the sun is golden and the moon is silver, but color means little to someone who’s never seen it. I do know I love feeling the sun bathing me in its radiant warmth as much as I love the moon embracing me in its lustrous coolness.”

“Beautiful description.” Nicholas slowly caressed her arms. “But what would you give to see them? To see colors? To see the world?”

“I don’t know.” Angelique considered such an offer unobtainable. Her parents had done the cotton for fluffy and other items for texture as well as hot for red, cold for blue and other temperatures for colors, but it wasn’t the color for her mental images stayed black, white and shades of gray. That remained all she saw. “How can giving anything change what is and has always been?” His arms pulled her close and she cherished his consideration of something she wanted all her life. She treasured the caress as his warm voice named her the colors, but regretted not knowing what the color looked like.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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