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Picture: A Second Chance by Paula Galloway ~ from the Tarot Series.

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Good morning. I hope you enjoy the two excerpts below the story and character introductions.
Paula Calloway

A Heart’s Chance: Tarot – Two of Swords
(Tarot, Paranormal, Romance)

Story IntroductionThe needed time to find his lost soul mate short as the seraph leaves his
celestial realm in search of love, Cáel finds his gentle patience tested.
Angry and losing ground in the battle for her heart, Marija is too stubborn to surrender, but her fate is sealed in the war waging around her. Mikeli is a fallen seraph who knows paradise is what you make it as the young celestials face their destiny. Can Cáel save Marija before mortality rips his wings from his shoulders and exiles them both to mortality?

The Hero
Six foot one, muscled and bearing three sets of wings, Cáel is a seraph with a light tan complexion, silver eyes and waist length platinum hair.

The Heroine
Five foot two, curvy and a pawn in the game of men, Marija is headstrong with a subtle tan complexion, emerald green eyes and waist length black hair.

** January 15th **
A Heart’s Chance: Tarot – Two of Swords
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Tarot Series, Paranormal, Romance
In his search, Mikeli learns the heart that belongs to him is wrongly taken. He loses all claims to the heavenly realm for his failure to reunite their celestial souls. Into his world comes another heart, his own daughter, who lives under his protection until the seraph who holds claim to her comes forward.

Marija loves her father, but her mother’s spiteful words haunt her as time promises her no escape from her inevitable part in the games of men.

His soul tugged at by death, Cáel nears the end of his hunt until a black stallion races through the snow and delivers his heart into his grasp. His search ends, but her ways are set and his chances are slim. Can Cáel save Marija before they’re both exiled to mortality?

Paradise is what you make of it.


* the kiss *

(Setting – Cáel offers Marija a choice.)

Cáel stepped so close her breath warmed his chest. “I wish simply to
pleasure you. Give me the word to go or stay where I am, my love.”

Marija swallowed hard. “Kiss me.”

He bent his head, slipped his arm around her waist and drew her into his
embrace. His lips brushed across her mouth. Soft as velvet, smooth as silk
and gentle as possible, he closed his mouth over hers in a kiss. Urged on by
the part of her lips, he slid his tongue over her lower lip, into her mouth
and along her tongue in an oral caress of pure adoration.

Intensified hunger worked his jaw in calculative measures and long and deep
strokes while he held her head and bound their mouths together. His angel
tasted of mortality, of sinful delight, of denied pleasures, of heaven
untold. He wanted her more than any words might express, but her heart held
his concern.

Marija leaned into his hold. A small whimper escaped. Unlike anything she
knew, even in her dreams, this prince tasted like the sweetness of a fresh
sprig of garden mint and of unforetold wonder. His warmth crept through her
like the blood in her veins and his touch stirred something in her. Heat
pooled in her lower belly and she jumped at the glide of his unoccupied hand
down her side. She pushed back and broke their connection.


* temptation *

(Setting – Marija rewards Cáel.)

Mesmerized by the depth of his silver eyes, she closed the distance between
their mouths.

Soft feminine breath on his lips pushed him over the edge. Unable to abstain
from her advance, he ended their gap with a gentle press of their lips. Her
mouth opened and her tongue timidly slid out and tasted his lower lip. He
mimicked her action and sampled her sweet flavor.

The caress of his tongue along hers danced a shiver of heat down her spine.
She squashed her full breasts against his chest and moaned her objection as
his tongue withdrew from her mouth.

Cáel pressed his palm on the small of her back and pushed her lower abdomen
against his groin. His other hand slid up, cupped her jaw and positioned her
head for his deeper exploration. He plunged his tongue inside her mouth, his
unhurried examination dynamic, his every stroke measured, her decadent taste
craved. Her whimper coaxed and he teasingly invited her back inside his
mouth to investigate for a lingered moment. When her sway coaxed him break
their oral embrace, he relented.

Lightheaded, Marija trailed her hands down his chest and clutched his shirt.


“Don’t ever do that again.”

Cáel eyed the angel who troubled him in numerous ways. Tormented by the
temptation to release the little tease and let her fall flitted across his
mind. Instead, he stroked her back. “Why?”

Overwhelmed by his scent and feel, Marija laid her cheek against his chest.
“Because you undermine my wits and such wreaks havoc on my senses.” She
collected herself and eased away. “Because next time… I might surrender.”

Stiffened at the prospect, he peered deep into her lovely emerald eyes. “Is
that an offer?”

Paula Calloway
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