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I hope you enjoy the two excerpts below the story and character introductions.
Paula Calloway

The rise of the full moon casts its lunacy upon the realm of man. The Were feel the pull, fight the madness and pray for help. When A Cry in the Night falls on the ears of one vampire, Talen steps from the dark. Can the best of the Gatherers intercede and rescue Liana before the lunacy devours her very soul and the coldest of the Hunters pulls the trigger?

A Cry in the Night: Tarot – The Tower
(Tarot, Paranormal, Romance)

Story Introduction
His heart closed off when his love was stolen and his focus on his job hindered, Talen turns the tables. The prospect of powerful arms is strong temptation curbed by concern over her weight until Liana becomes a werewolf in danger of the lunacy. With all hope of finding love lost due to a strong fear of repeated pasts, Talen and Liana learn of love’s ability to survive, but will love endure when the next rising of the full moon tests their hearts as the vampire does his best to save the Were driven by the lunacy of the moon?

The Hero
Six foot tall, muscled and cursed, Talen is a vampire with a tan complexion, dark sapphire eyes and deep golden-blond hair.

The Heroine
Five foot four, curvy and lonely, Lianna is a bitten with a tan complexion, bright maple brown eyes and waist length light chestnut hair.

A Cry in the Night: Tarot – The Tower

Tarot Series, Paranormal, Romance

3.5 stars from Ecataromance
3.5 cherries from Whipped Topping


Long before man knew of their existence, a bond formed which allowed Vampires to protect the Bitten and destroy the Beast so the Were and Humans survived.

Talen struggles to continue as a Gatherer after the loss of his beloved. When a Bitten stirs his heart, moves his soul and ignites his blood, he fears a repeat of the past, but fate tightens his grip.

Liana longs for someone who will love all of her, plumpness included. Can getting stuck with a handsome new boss change her life forever?

Love gentles the bite of the beast.


* desire *

(Setting – Talen hungers for Liana.)

Talen released her and stepped back. “I want and need someone like you, Liana Jennings. A lady who stands strong at my side, a woman that holds me when I cry and a friend who forgives my weaknesses.”

Any resistance Liana owned against the handsome hunk before her melted. “Will you come inside? Maybe for some coffee?”

“For anything you offer, my lady.”

She turned for the door and halted. “Anything?”

From directly behind her, Talen bent and nibbled her earlobe for a lingered moment, his voice pitched to seduce, “Anything. Especially you.” He trailed his fingertips over her warm palm and secured her hand in his grip. “Lead me where you will.”

Liana loved the way his warmth crept over her back. Her sigh soft, she led him inside her home and entered the kitchen. “Do you wish something to drink?”


She pivoted, her voice a mere squeak, “Me?”

“You make it hot in here.” Talen stripped off his shirt while his every calculated step closed the distance between them. With her face cupped in his hands, he predatorily backed her toward the counter. “I’ve never seen a woman as beautiful as you, my sweet lady.” Her sudden halt when the counter pressed his groin firm against her hips earned his growl. “And you feel so
perfect.” He grasped her waist, lifted her up and seated her on the counter.

Liana gasped. “Talen, I never-“

“Hush.” He locked her gaze, tugged her boots from her feet and tossed them aside. “Never on the counter before, my lady?”


His chuckle warm, Talen slid his hands over her knees and increased his pressure. “There’s a first time for everything.” He nudged open her legs and wedged his narrow hips between her fleshy thighs. Palms skated up, cupped her ass and slid her forward to feel how hard he was, the extent of his need and the desire stirred in his body.


* fate *

(Setting – The rise of the full moon reveals an intruder.)

Talen shifted his gaze in the direction of her step. Aware the large gray alpha may never survive or the pack might rip her into shreds before the Beast mangled the better of them, he stood. “Jasper, get back.” The wave of his arms gained her attention. “Hey, darling, I’m over here.” Her head swung around with a dangerous sneer. He motioned her closer. “Come on, babe. Let’s play.”

Her lunge expected, he sidestepped, swept an arm around her midsection and threw her on the ground. Intent on keeping her focused on him and not the pack, he moved back. When her next attack clipped his shoulder, he growled and clamped his hand over the deep gashes.

The Beast licked the blood from her claws until a howl garnered her attention. She snarled at the growling alpha that paced the hill.

“No.” Spurred into action, Talen sprang and used the impact of his weight to drive the creature onto the ground. “I failed to tell you I heal fast, honey.” Although not closed, his shoulder wound no longer bled. Movement at the gate caught his eye and he turned his head. “Who’s there-“

The Beast yanked free an arm and ripped into her captor’s upper thigh.

“Damn.” With her snatched up, he flipped her belly down and placed his knee on her lower back. He leaned only enough weight to pin her on the ground. “I always did enjoy a woman who was more than a handful, my love.”

The sound of the opening gate gained his attention until her closest arm swung back and slashed his lower rib. His grunt soft, Talen adjusted his hold and seized her wrists. “You nailed me three times and it won’t happen again.” He eyed the gate and sneered, his tone icy, his fury restrained, “If you pull the trigger on that Desert Eagle, you will meet Daemyn.”

His aim steady, Ditmyer ascertained the situation. “Who?”

He leveled his steely gaze on the despised intruder. “The last nightwalker who murdered my heart, which this lady revived. Don’t do it, Hunter.”

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